Man burns 13-year-old son with iron, ties him for 3 days over alleged witch-craft… see photo

Man burns 13-year-old son with iron, ties him for 3 days over alleged witch-craft... see photo

A man identified as Austin Segun has been banished from Eruemukohwarien community in Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta state for tying his 13-year-old son, Tobi, to a burglar-proof for three days because a pastor declared the boy a wizard.

The boy was rescued by members of the vigilante group in the community who heard him whimpering at about 2am.

The step-mother of the victim told reporters that they were informed in church that the boy was a wizard and that the victim also confessed to being a wizard.

According to her, “They told us that he is a wizard at a Church we went to for prayers and he also admitted that he is a wizard.

“At a point, my husband had to use a hot iron to burn his palm and feet owing to his misbehaviour. Despite this, he opened the fridge in the house and ate everything. This led to my husband tying his hands and legs to the protector.

“He had just been tied for three days before we were arrested. On that day, our landlord called us on the phone that we should come back to the house. On getting home, we were faced with a crowd that started hitting my husband and me.

“After some minutes, the Police came and arrested my husband, while I was asked to take Tobi to the Ughelli Central Hospital for treatment.

“My husband was able to secure his release, but the IPO in charge of the case ordered that we should move out of the community. This was documented and we all agreed to it including leaders of the community.”

The 13-year-old boy also told the newsmen that his biological mother is dead.

“I always run from the house because I am not comfortable. My mother is dead and the woman here is my step-mother.”




  1. This is the tragedy of the several suckers that abound in this part of the world who still patronise those crooked pastors, alfas and witchdoctors that can be found everywhere

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