(Episode 21) Silhouettes Cast Against The Blue Sky… Campus Life Experience!

Feyi and Faridah entered the room, shortly after Liz’s arrival. She was so happy at the sight of her friend, jumping into her.

Feyi: “heeeeeyyy, Liz!” she shouted her name at the entrance of the room and jumped into the bed, hugging her so tightly.

Faridah: “free her a bit, abi you want to choke her?” she said dragging Feyi off Liz.

Feyi: “leave me and my baby jor.” She said clinging on to her.

Faridah: “hmmm, you and your baby. You are the mother? Let Mrs Jackson hear you”. She said, pulling her aside. She hugged her. “Welcome back girl. I love you”. She said showing emotions.

Liz: “thanks. I love you too. I really missed you guys. You’re so amazing and wonderful set of people. You guys are the best!” she said, hugging Faridah and Feyi. They remained in the warm embrace for few minutes.

Feyi: “so, how is everybody at home? Mummy, daddy, your brothers?“ She asked her rubbing her neck.

Liz: “Everybody is fine. They are all there with their wahala” she replied waving her hands backward.

Feyi: “so, what will you eat now? You should be very tired, pele” she asked her, holding her hand and rubbing her palms.

Liz: “I am okay! I ate snacks while in the bus, I am full to the brim, except I want to burst”. She said, supporting her back with pillow.

Feyi: “are you sure?” she asked persistently.

Faridah: “she said she’s okay, madam!” Abi person dey chop on top sey dem don full?” she asked her.

Feyi: “ehn, leave me and my baby alone!” she shunned her, hanging her hand in the air.

Liz: “it’s enough, you guys are all good. I am fine, and I will eat tomorrow.” She said to stop the argument. They ended the discussion late into night. Feyi was in Liz’s room till midnight, before she left for her block.


Queen, Jason’s ex was back in town. She called Jason to inform him of her arrival. Ahmad and Jason were outside on the hostel’s pitch, relaxing when, Jason received a call from Queen.

Queen: “Hey Jass! How you doing?”

Jason: “I am fine!” he replied slowly, wondering who the caller was.

Queen: “why are you sounding so dull? Don’t you know who is peaking” she asked him, looking surprised.

Jason: “I am sorry, trying to figure out the voice. It sounds familiar, but can’t place the face.” He replied, scratching his head.

Queen: “it’s your girl, Queen!” she screamed.

Jason: “wow! Wow! Wow! You’re back in town?” he asked with surprise.

Queen: “yes!” she replied excitedly.

Jason: “is that not so soon. I thought you said, you would be back in few months’ time?” he asked with wonders.

Queen: “yes, I used that to push you forward. Just want to give you a surprising visit” she said, smiling.

Jason: “you have not changed? You and your dramas” he said laughing.

Queen: “yes of course! You know I am the drama queen.” She said boastfully.

Jason: “so, where are you now and when did you arrive?” he asked curiously.

Queen: “I arrived last week Friday!” She replied.

Jason: “Last week Friday?” he asked looking amazed. “Wait, is today not Thursday?” he asked, looking at his wrist watch, as if the calendar. “you arrived last week Friday and you’re just calling me today? Is it fair?” he asked, feeling a bit disappointed.

Queen: “I am sorry. You know it’s been long I left, and I had to sort some things out. And besides, my cousin, Tamunosaki is getting married in four weeks’ time. So, she’s not giving me breathing space at all. She said I will be her chief bride’s maid, so, we’ve been going from one place to the other, shopping.” She explained to him, apologizing.

Jason: “aghn aghn, she did not allow you rest at all?” He asked, looking astonished.

Queen: “abi o, I just tire for the girl. No mind am, she’s so authoritative, and if you refuse to help her, she will give you no peace. So, I have no choice than to succumb to her wish” she explained.

Jason: “hmmmm, it is well. Your pidgin still sweet small o, Oyinbo never overshadow am, you try” he said, teasing her.

Queen: “you don forget where I grow? I be naija babe. And besides, when I see my own I flow well.” She sated.

Jason: “okay, no wahala. We shall see very soon.” He said.

Queen: “that reminds me, you should have graduated now, or when is it?! She asked counting her fingers.

Jason: “No! I am graduating this month. I have just two weeks left. So you can star calling me a doctor!” he said boastfully, and giggled.

Queen: “hmmm, I see. Congrats in advance!”

Jason: yes, thanks so much. I appreciate. I am finally free.” He said smiling.

Queen: “so, tell me, how is life after school going to be?”

Jason: “life after school is marriage now, or what do you think?” he said, giggling.

Queen: “come on, be serious!”

Jason: “oh, you think I’m not serious? If only you knew how I have been waiting for you” he joked.

Queen: “see, let’s talk later. I have to go now”, she brushed the topic off and hung the call.

Ahmad later spoke to Jason teasing him.

Ahmad: “hmmm, Jass Man!”

Jason: ehn, ehn, what is it? He asked looking at him disdainfully.

Ahmad: “I hail you o, my man. You are a super striker! You get them for your hand beaucoup, left, right, back, front, centre. Warri no dey carry last!” He teased him, spanking his waist.

Jason: “guy, abeg free me” he said taking Ahmad’s hand off his waist. He left his friend and went inside his room…

Later in the night, Liz called him to tell him she had been dialing his line since she arrived in school but all to no avail.



Exactly two weeks after Queen had called, Jason graduated from college of medicine. Liz called him to congratulate him on the successful completion of his curse of study.

Liz: “hey Jason” what’s up? I have been trying your line since I got back I school, someone picked” she stated.

Jason: “hi! Oh, I am sorry about that, maybe I was not around with my phone.” He said apologetically.

Liz: “that’s by the way, I called you to congratulate you on the successful completion of your course.” She said softly.

Jason: “yes, thanks so much. How do you feel now? How is your arm?” he asked

Liz: “I am better now, thanks” she replied, smiling. “so, now that you’re leaving school soon, how about us?” she asked, feeling a bit worried. “I will miss you greatly”. She said, the line almost fainting.

Jason: “same here with me”. He said, indifferently.

Liz: I just called to let you know I am around, and to congratulate you. I have to go now” she said, bidding him, farewell.

Jason: “yeah, thank you so very much”. He thanked her, combing the question off. The line went off, and they both hung the call.

Question: Hmmmm, Queen is back in Nigeria, does that mean they will get along again?

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  1. My fear n worry is dat Liz sud not be pregnant cos I dnt trust dis jason he might dump Liz for another. Good morning ALF

  2. Jason has gotten what he want from her and with his numerous girls, i doubt if he will want anything to do with her again. Hmmmm some men sha

  3. Liz is annoying me d most..for kiping her so call Luv life away from her bff..wat could b more killing Dan DAT???

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