(Episode 22) Silhouettes Cast Against The Blue Sky… Campus Life Experience!

Shortly after Jason’s graduation from the College of Medicine, he went home for a function, but came back to school to wrap things up afterwards. Coincidentally, he and Queen met.

Jason and Ahmad were in the Hostel’s lounge on Wednesday afternoon, when he told him he would be leaving school for home.

Jason: “Guy, I am going home tomorrow”, he told his friend, Ahmad.

Ahmad: “aghn, aghn, dem dey pursue you commot for school? You no even want wait a bit to put things in order before leaving”. Ahmad asked him, with surprise.

Jason: “nah, not that. I have to be home for a family function, and I need to see family, friends and enemies”. He replied him, chuckling.

Ahmad: “oh, I see. As per e don tey, whey u don commot for house. Yeah, it’s needful.” He replied him, nodding in agreement to his opinion.

Jason: “yes, exactly! You got it, and this function will be like a family re-union to us, you know. So, I just say make I tell you as my G, nah” he said, clapping his palm.

Ahmad: “okay, so, till when?” he asked turning his palm up, gesticulating the time of his return.

Jason: “Next week!” he replied simply.

Ahmad: “okay, no wahala. We shall see. Till then. I still dey ground” he stated.

Jason: “okay, till then nah” he concluded.

Ahmad: “that reminds me, how about that your babe, Liz?” He asked out of curiosity.

Jason: “She dey. Why are you asking?” He inquired, wondering what could have led him to ask about her wellbeing.

Ahmad: “Nothing! Just wondering, I have not heard about her in a while that’s why I’m asking about her.” he said, shrugging off his shoulders

Jason: “okay, she’s fine!” he replied him, casually.


On Thursday, Jason got home, exhausted. His immediate younger brother, Martins came to receive him at the gate of their country home in Delta.

Martins: “hey, bros welcome nah! How your journey?” he greeted collecting his backpack from him.

Jason: “hmmm, Martini! How nah? How you dey? How school?” he asked patting his back.

Martins: “school dey, with im stress?” he said laughing. “Congrats, Jass man, the latest doctor in town? “he congratulated his brother upon the successful completion of his education.

Jason: “yeah, thanks. So, if I no come house you no go know sey you go congratulate me?” he asked, eyeing him.

Martins: “jass man, no vex for me. abeg. I dey busy. You sabi as e dey go nah?” He apologised to his brother.

Jason: “I hear, na so una dey talk all the time. Why house dry like this? Where everybody go?” he asked looking around the compound which had not changed much since the last time he was home.

Martins: “mum is in the room, dad went out. And others have gone somewhere.” He replied waving his fingers backwardly, in an I-careless manner.

Jason: “okay! Let’s go in.” he said as the two of them walked into their sitting room. He met his mother in the living room watching a programme on the television set, it was a talk show programme which she never missed except for reasons beyond her control.

Jason: “Migwo” he greeted in his local dialect, bowing his head forward, in a respectful manner.

Mrs Obakperoro: “welcome son!” she replied his greetings with a broad smile. Mrs Obakperoro was in a state of euphoria, when she saw her son. She could not hide her feelings. Her youthful looking face was beaming with smile.

Jason: “mum, you are just looking prettier day by day.” He complimented his mum.

Mrs Obakperoro: “wow! Everyone says so, my son. And thanks to God for good health.” She said feeling graceful.

Jason: “how is dad?” he asked.

Mrs Obakperoro: “he went out not quite long.” She replied pointing towards the door’s direction. “my son, I am proud of you, for not putting the family to shame. And also, I specially congratulate you on your success. Many were called but only few chosen. I am sure, not all who started this journey with you finished with you. I say THANK YOU for not bringing shame upon the family” she showed a sense of appreciation to her, stroking is head and embracing him, her face radiating with motherly love and pride.

Jason: “thank you mum! You, dad and God made it possible. Your prayers, consistency, words of encouragement and supports so far kept me going. And I am grateful to God for a family like this” he said smiling.

Mrs Obakperoro: “that’s by the way, I am sure you came home for Abiye’s wedding?” she asked.

Jason: “yes, one of the reasons I am home.” he replied.

Mrs Obakperoro: “anyway, go in and freshen up while I get you something to eat. Studying Medicine has really taken its toll on you, see you looking emaciated” she said, looking at him critically with her eyes.

Jason: “Ah, I have missed your food so much. In fact, I cannot wait to start eating your meals” he said running off.


Jason called Queen as he was in his room, relaxing few minutes after his meal of fufu with vegetable soup and enough meat and fish, prepared specially for him by his mother.

Jason: “hey Queenie!” he called her name erotically.

Queen: “hmmm, Jass man! How are you doing?” she asked

Jason: “I am good, just to let you know that I am in Delta. So can we hook up?” he asked, smiling.

Queen: “You know that will be a bit tough. I told you, I am preparing with my cousin for her wedding, and I explained how busy I am to you. Besides, Tami is not giving me breathing space at all she wants me to be with her all the time.” She complained.

Jason: “hmmm, na wa o. On top another person wedding. How you go do am if e come una own?” he asked, squeezing his face.

Queen: “okay, how about we do it like this: you come for the wedding or…” she paused thinking of what to say next.

Jason: “the wedding is this weekend, isn’t it? And it’s in Delta?” he asked suspiciously.

Queen: “yes” she replied.

Jason: “what part of Delta?”

Queen: “Warri! Do you want to come?” she asked smiling.

Jason: “No, I am just wondering, because I have a wedding this weekend too, here in Warri. What’s the groom’s name?” he inquired curiously.

Queen: “Abiye!” she answered wondering why he was so inquisitive.

Jason: “I thought as much. That’s the reason why I am home. The guy is my cousin, so, I have no choice than to be at his wedding as he is a very nice guy and close cousin of mine”. He explained to her.

Queen: “wow!  What a small world. That makes it perfect then. That means we will see at the wedding?” she asked him.

Jason: “yes, sure! Till then” he assured her.

Queen: “okay, till then. We shall see at the wedding! I have to go. Talk to you later”. She hung the call.


Liz was becoming very uncomfortable and was not feeling too good as she had not heard from Jason in a couple of days. After waiting to hear from him for several days to no avail, she dialled Jason’s number.

Liz: “hey Jason” she said.

Jason: “hello, Liz!” he replied.

Liz: “I have not heard from you in a couple of days, and I am wondering what’s happening. So, that’s why I called” she explained to him.

Jason: “oh, thanks so much for your care. How are you yourself?” he asked about her welfare.

Liz: “I am good. Can I come and see you?” she said, feeling excited.

Jason: “oh, I am not around” he said firmly.

Liz: “really? Where are you?” she asked looking puzzled.

Jason: “I am at home. I came for a function, and will not be back until in two weeks’ time?” he said feeling bored.

Liz: “oh, and you could not tell me, you were leaving school?” she asked feeling disappointed.

Jason: “oh I am sorry. I had to leave on time, as the function is this weekend”. He said, apologising.

Liz: “okay, till two weeks’ time then. We’ll see” she said and they ended the phone conversation.

Feyi entered her room to pick up something from her, and Liz was feeling disturbed and uncomfortable after her conversation with Jason.  After observing Liz for few minutes, she decided to speak up.

Feyi: hey Liz! What’s up with you? Why do you look so dull?” she asked, rubbing Liz’s cheek.

Liz: “I am fine.” She said, looking weary.

Feyi: “okay” she shrugged.

Liz: “Feyi, I want to tell you something” she said in a rather low pitched voice.

Feyi: “yes, what’s that?” she asked, staring at the phone in her hand with irked curiosity.

Liz: “hmmmmm” she sighed….

Question: “who can tell what Liz is about to tell her friend, Feyi? Does she want to own up about her relationship with Jason?    

voice answering Jason’s call! Who could that be?

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  1. she want to open up and tell feyi abt her relationship ..
    but it too late Jason was a Super striker.. And she might be pregnant for him..
    guyzzzz ernnnn.. hmmmm!

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