(Episode 23) Silhouettes Cast Against The Blue Sky… Campus Life Experience!

About two weeks after Jason’s call. Liz saw a lady’s picture as Jason’s display picture on WhatsApp.

Liz was thinking, whose picture it could have been.

Liz: “could it be his sister that he told me about or who? No, his sister can’t be this young. Or his colleague? Let me text him, don’t let me conclude yet. She thought.

 She checked his status and discovered he was online.

Liz: “hey Jason!” she sent to him.

She waited a while but there was no response from him.

Liz: “how are you doing? How’s work?” she sent to him again.

There was still no response from Jason and after few seconds, he went offline.

Liz:”hmmmmmm” she sighed and dialed his number on her device.

Jason didn’t pick her calls. Liz became worried, she was left in absolute confusion.  She regretted keeping her relationship away from Feyi as she needed someone to speak to. She burned inside.

Feyi continued to stare at her friend, waiting for her to talk and wondering what could be bothering her.

Feyi:”Liz, are you okay? What is it that you wanted to tell me?” she asked, jerking her out of her reverie.

Liz:”Yes, I’m fine!” she answered suddenly.

Feyi: “Are you sure, because you don’t look fine at all”.

Liz: “yes! I’m very fine” she said, debating within herself if she should open up to Feyi or hope that things would improve.

Feyi:”okay, no problem. If you say you’re fine, I’ll accept”.

Liz:”I’m fine! Thanks for your concern”.

Feyi:”you’re welcome honey!”



Few days later, Liz chatted with Jason on WhatsApp.

Liz: “hi Jason!”

Jason:” hello Liz!”

Liz: “how are you doing?” she asked, excited that he was finally replying her messages.

Jason: “great! You?” he replied casually.

Liz: “fine!. I have been trying to reach you for a couple of weeks now, your line wasn’t reachable”.

Jason: “maybe network” he replied indicating lack of interest.

Liz: “okay. I would like to ask a question”, she said her heart beating fast.

Jason: “yes, go ahead” he replied.

Liz:” how about the pic on your dp some days back?”

Jason: “pic? Dp? I don’t get”

Liz:”yes, a lady’s  pic?”

Jason:”ow, she’s a colleague. It was her birthday”.

Liz:”hmmmmm, but you’ve never used my pic as dp since we’ve been together” she said to him.

Jason:”if I may recall, you told me not to, that it’s not your thing. Or have you forgotten?” he defended himself.

Liz paused and Jason went offline.

After that incidence, Jason refused to answer Liz’s call, nor reply her texts.  She was worried again and wonder what the problem was. However, two months after they had chatted on phone, Jason replied her texts and began to answer her calls. The sudden change made Liz feel things were back to normalcy. She was a bit ambivalent, though.

On a phone call…

Liz:”hi Jason!  How are you doing today?”

Jason: “handsome! As ever. You?”

Liz:” Beautiful!”

Jason: “how are your patients?”

Liz: “they’re doing well” she replied grinning from ear to ear.

Jason: “okay”.

Liz: “you sound so rapturous today, what’s the secret?” she asked excitedly.

Jason: “because I’m speaking with a queen”. He flirted.

Liz:” is that some joke or what?”

Jason: “are you not a queen? You’re my queen of course!”

Liz:”hmmmm, I’ve heard”.

Jason: “that reminds me, I’ll be in town this weekend…”he started to say before she interrupted him.

Liz: “wow! You’ll be in town?” she asked excitedly.

Jason: “Yes! I’ll be around on Thursday. So, if you don’t mind, can we hook up?”

Liz: “hmmm, yes!”

Jason: “okay, will give you a call when I arrive”

Liz: “wait, are you coming to the teaching hospital?”

Jason:” no”

Liz: “where are we now going to meet?”

Jason: “I’m lodging in the hostel on the outskirts of town. Royals Suites” he said and gave her the address.

Liz: “okay, will meet you there. Till then. Bye”.

Jason: “bye. Love you!” he said and ended the call.

On Thursday afternoon, around 1pm, Liz left for Royals Suites, after a phone conversation with Jason, via which he had informed her of his arrival.

As soon as she got to the hotel premises, she walked up to the receptionist.

Receptionist: “hello! How can I help you?”

Liz: “good day! I have come to see someone. A guy who’s just checked into your hotel today”.

Receptionist: “there are a couple of persons that checked in today, who exactly?”

Liz: “his name is Jason”.

The receptionist looked through the logbook before her.

Receptionist:”ow, have seen it. Did he give you any appointment today?”

Liz: “yes” she said, becoming impatient.

Receptionist: “hold on, just a minute”. She dialed Jason’s room number, spoke with him.

Receptionist: “Are you Elizabeth?”


Receptionist:” you can go. He’s in room 206″.

Liz: “thanks a lot”.

Receptionist:” it’s my pleasure”.

Liz gently ascended the stair and headed straight to Jason’s room. Jason opened the door as soon as she knocked.

Jason:” hey! Look at you. Ever young and gorgeous”.

Liz: “come on, stop teasing me” she laughed.

Jason: “it’s been long I saw you. How are you doing?”

Liz:” as you can see, I’m good”.

Jason:” of course, it’s so glaring you’re good”.

Liz: “how was your trip?”

Jason: “fine. Look at my baby, you’re just getting more and more beautiful day by day”.

Liz: “looking good is good business, you know”.

Jason: “yeah, that’s nice. Join me here now and stop acting like an alien”.

Liz joined him on the bed. They sat close to each other.

Jason: “I over missed you. Your silky skin”. Jason said sniffing on her nape, pulling her bosoms and drawing his lips close to hers.


The second day, Liz called Jason, but didn’t answer his call. She sent a text on WhatsApp only to discover she had been blocked.  She wondered what had gone amiss.

Question: Why did Jason not pick her call? Is the lady whose picture was used as display picture truly a colleague?

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  1. Liz is a complete fool, her keeping the stupid relationship away from her supposed friend is her doom, Jason just came to eat the last supper from her. Mumu girl

  2. Liz is so daft and naive, not even telling her close friend. well it will dawn on her very very soon. she shud av read d signs dt Jason is just a player. d lady on his dp is Jason girlfriend.

  3. I dnt understand dis story from episode one till 23, I dnt even get the essence of d story.. Its confusing n d whole storyline I dnt understand.

  4. Dis story shuld just come n end cos am eagerly waiting 4 d last episode moreova don’t see any moral lesson abat it. Adelove u no say una 2 gbanski to dey post dis kinda story nah

  5. This story may not hv been perfectly written but it depicts a true campus life! Now am feeling for Liz cos she obviously fell 4 d wrong guy in her innocence, smh…..

  6. Jason came to cut the last cake from Liz before getting married to Queen.That picture was never his colleague.

  7. Aaaaaaah Adelove. I wish I can speak yoruba, I would ve used it to tell you that your village are calling you for this kind of story. But I know u ve ur reason for posting it

  8. This story depicts a true campus life and i think we all should appreciate it. Most of us have a way of scaling through this bt some do not. This story is for those young ones who wud be entering campus to understand the life over there as well as manage it.

  9. Adelove, dis story get as e be ooo buh kudos to you guys. @Liz biggest fool ever liveth. Pregnancy might be d next thing for you as a price for being too secretive. Next thrilling story please.

  10. Jason took advantage of her innocence and Liz is too secretive to learn, I just hope many innocents girls going to the higher institutions will read this…kudos guys.

  11. N to think its remaining just one episode is so annoying. Cos at this point i still can’t draw anything out of the story. Next thing they’ll post, she’s pregnant n av no clue abt Jason’s location or probably got some kinda infection…

  12. This story is just a waste of time and data. Adelove u guys should not entertain this type of story again. It’s too boring and it’s storyline is something else.
    Please just end it once and for all.

  13. The story is not meaningless as many people think,they are lots of lesson in it,many lapses on the part of parents, campus life to sit down there girls&guys,&so many other thing,many have passed through this,at the same time,many are still on their way there it is just that a lost dog will never hear the hunter whistle. It is well.

  14. The story is not meaningless as many people think,they are lots of lesson in it,many lapses on the part of parents, campus life to sit down there girls&guys,&so many other thing,many have passed through this,at the same time,many are still on their way there it is just that a lost dog will never hear the hunter whistle. It is well.

  15. The story is not meaningless as many people think,they are lots of lesson in it,many lapses on the part of parents, campus life to sit down there girls&guys,&so many other thing,many have passed through this,at the same time,many are still on their way there it is just that a lost dog will never hear the hunter whistle. It is well.

  16. There is nothing wrong with this story as many people claimed, the story line is okay for the type of age that we are in which some girl&guys entered University right at jet age 17&above.they were not matured,exposed, so naive but believe they are wise,so many have passed through this stage,some scale through while some were unable,this is timely story that can direct steps of our young chaps to the right path if guided well…It is just that a lost dog will not hear the hunter whistle.. So let him or her that have ear listen to what the Spirit says..It is well with us.
    Adelove & Crew,Stayed blessed in Jesus name..amen.

  17. sleeping with liz was wat he ever wanted. hhhhmmmn Liz should better open up to feyi b4 its tooooo late. d lady coukd b queen

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