(Final Episode 24) Silhouettes Cast Against The Blue Sky… Campus Life Experience!

Liz tried to call Jason after their encounter at the hotel all to no avail.  After thinking through it, she decided to open up to Feyi because she needed someone to talk to desperately, for she felt she would run mad if she didn’t. Liz was confused, she did not know where to start her story from, and she was afraid Feyi might scold her for her secrecy.

Liz: “I don’t even know where to start from.” She said, twisting her fingers and squinting her yes.

Feyi: “start from anywhere. Words cannot be too heavy for mouth to utter” she said, looking at her.

Liz: “I am sorry that I have been keeping things away from you in a while. Despite your love and care. I was not open enough to you. First I need you to promise me you won’t feel offended, when I tell you what I am about to tell you.” She said, smiling.

Feyi: “hmmm, tell me, what is it? I promise I will not be offended” she promised crossing her heart.

Liz: “ehn, ehn” she cleared her throat. “I have a boyfriend”. She mumbled it.

Feyi: “hmmmm?” She asked, putting her right ear close to Liz’s mouth.

Liz: “I know you tell me about your own boyfriend. And besides, you don’t hide things away from me, so, I don’t want to be a bad friend and my conscience has been pricking me for some time now, for not being plain.” She said, feeling guilty.

Feyi: “hmmm, okay, no wahala. It is not a big deal nah. Are you a kid that should not have a boyfriend? And besides, you have your reasons for keeping it discreet. We all have skeletons in our cupboards.” She said casually. “Is that why you look like this? Hmm, this girl is funny o. you had better cheer up. You kuku know me too well, that I don’t have wahala. So no worries! You are safe with me.” she assured her.

Liz: “but, there’s an issue!” she said, looking blank.

Feyi: “Issue?” she asked, looking puzzled. “what is the issue about?

Liz: “you know I had told you earlier that I wasn’t feeling too well?” she asked looking disturbed.

Feyi: “look here, Liz, I am not a kid. And we’ve been together for a while now. So, don’t keep me in the dark”.

Liz was feeling some guilt. She couldn’t bear the secret life she’d been living no more, so, she opened up to her friend.

Liz burst into tears as she narrated her ordeal to her friend.

Liz:” I am sorry Feyi that I have not been fair enough to you since our days on this campus”.

Feyi: “hmmmm. I am confused right now. I don’t even know what to say”.

Liz:” forgive me” she said, sobbing.

Feyi: why are you seeking forgiveness from me?  You need to reconcile with your Creator and yourself for not being honest and truthful”.

Liz: “And one more thing”.

Feyi:” you have other things to say other than you dated him?”

Liz:” Yes. A lot”.

Feyi:” okay, I’m listening! ”

Liz:” I was with Jason last week Thursday”.

Feyi:”Really!” she exclaimed, looking surprised.

Liz:” Yes!  We were together in his hotel room. Now it’s crystal clear he called to have a final taste of my flesh. The idiot used me as a sex tool and I was gullible enough to fall  And I was too foolish to realise he was playing on me as we had not been in good terms for some time. I feel used. I was just so foolish despite all the signs, dreams and déjà vu I had, I should have known that this wouldn’t end well’.

Feyi: “It’s okay. Brace yourself up, and stop crying over spilled milk”.

Liz: “you won’t understand Feyi”.

Feyi: “okay make me understand”.

Liz: “Jason is the only guy I’ve ever known in my entire life. I have him my all. I lost my virginity to him…

Feyi looked startled as she recalled an event.

Feyi: “if I may recall, Liz, did it happen the night I met you on the walk way in the hostel and told you there was a blood stain on your dress?”

Liz:”yyyy-eeeee-sssss” she said nodding her head.

Feyi: ” ow  no she bent her head supporting it with her palm, resting her right elbow on her knee. I knew it. You had a blood stain on your dress, you hair was unkempt. You took a step too far, Liz”. Feyi complained bitterly.

Liz:” I am sorry”.

Feyi:”I feel betrayed, Liz”.

Liz:”I am sorry for not being honest to you”.

Feyi:”you don’t need to appeal to me. I’m not the one feeling the pain nor bearing the consequences now. So, you just be sorry for yourself.  I never knew you could be this discreet. I’m highly disappointed. Despite my openness to you”.

Liz: “I am sorry!”

Feyi: “enough!  I’ve had enough of your sorry. “Feyi fumed as she headed for the door.

Liz remained indoors. Sobbing almost every day for one week until Feyi spoke to her.

Feyi: “the deed is done, girl! Move on! There’s nothing you can do about it”.


After some weeks, she discovered that she was pregnant to her shock and called him to inform him about it. He ended the call and promised to call her back but he didn’t. She tried to reach him by calling his numbers and sending him messages on his social media handles all to no avail. When she got tied after some days, she discovered that he had blocked her from all his social media accounts. She called Ahmad who was his best friend but he informed her that he had lost contact with Jason shortly after their one year compulsory national youth service.

Liz had no option than opt to confide in Feyi who advised her against abortion since she knew the risk involved as a medical student. Over the months, with the stress of the pregnancy and its attendant symptoms, Liz’ grades in school began to decline as she began to miss classes and tests. After failing to meet up for two semesters, with her CGPA dropping to less than 2points, her Faculty changed her course since she could no longer meet up because of the stress of the pregnancy.

Her parents who were her sponsors became disappointed in her when they heard the news. Liz continued to try Jason’s number every day, with the hope that she would get in touch with him.

While her pregnancy was eight months, she saw pictures of Jason’s wedding in Facebook. From the information on the picture, he had gotten married to another woman in America where he had travelled to. She tried to get Jason’s number from the friend who posted the picture but as soon as she asked anyone for his number, she got blocked.

The shock of the discovery and the heartbreak was too much for her and so she went into forced labour. At the hospital, she was delivered of a baby boy after hours of hard labour that almost took her life. Because she had fell into labour prematurely, what she had was a premature baby and she had to stay in the hospital with him for six weeks during which period she missed her semester exams and was withdrawn from the university.


After some months, Jason returned from abroad to attend his brother’s wedding and also to inform his mother about his wife’s inability to conceive for years after marriage. After he landed in Nigeria, he was involved in a fatal accident that almost claimed his life on his way back from the airport. His spinal cord was affected and the doctor pronounced that he would be impotent for life.

Liz relocated to another state and took up a job as a sales attendant in shop in the market few months after her baby was born. There she hoped to wean her child and resit JAMB so she could start life all over again.

Jason lived the rest of his life on wheelchair, searching for Liz and his child.

***THE END***

Liz lost out in her bid to become a medical doctor because she lost focus and got carried away by campus life. Jason on the other hand, abandoned her when her found out that she was pregnant and ran away to another country without knowing that no matter how far we run away, whatever we sow we will reap.

Please, undergraduates and students, never get carried away by the supposed fun and freedom in higher institutions. Remember, it is not all that glitters that is gold. Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for another interesting story tomorrow.

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  1. If you read from episode one to twenty four oya give yourself a round of applause, it takes patience to read through this.
    Adelove well done!

  2. It is a very good story right from the beginning, parents should try as much as possible to instill discipline in their young children gaining admission into University, right from home,they should teach them sex education, regular call&check up on them in the school with words of advice & admonition is necessary time to time..
    If any child despite the stated above misbehave,parents should discipline such a child but they should not neglect him or her totally,he or she can’t still be something better in life,if helped. God will help parents to train their children in God’s way&also help children to listen & obey in Jesus name..
    God bless the crew,the writer&everybody involved in Jesus name..amen. Pleasant rest…

  3. Now I finally get d gist of d story 2ough it was boring bt it ended well with gud moral lesson. Kudios @adelove n crew

  4. Hmm! This story is for secondary school level. Very short and got dragged. Anyways everyday is not Christmas, I still love my adelove stories

  5. KAI, terrible end for both of them.
    He that has ear let him hear, despite the warning from Liz’s mum and her friend she still became a victim .

  6. Seriously it was so boring, but I guess the should be commended it is not easy to write a story, adelove pls dnt bring sumthg like dis pls I beg u

  7. Dammie adelove pls make sure you rest for another six months. Cos I don’t want to see your name in the billboard again.thanks

  8. Ok. Alot of questions raised were not answered and followed up. Who was the girl that came into Jason’s room?
    Anyway thank you Adelove. I hope you will do better next time and if you read from episode 1 to 24 without skimming over alot of the parts, I assure you, heaven is for you!

  9. This story wasn’t that boring like some of u are saying ooo.At least there are lesson to learn from the story. Kudos to u guys jare.

  10. I now understand the story,this story should b told 2all secondary school students and freshers in every tertiary level… Adelove thank you.

  11. Welldone Dammie & the rest, it’s not easy. I can’t remember the last time we award the best writter we only consume & fart. Although criticism is good it helps to improve, we should not Condemn.

  12. lot of questions were not answered in the story, firstly the voice that pick Liz call,secondly the lady on Jason dp, and lastly the lady that come to Jason room anyway thumb up to you guys….I like the ending

  13. Those saying this story is boring, that it’s a story for secondary school students, know it that this forum is not for a group of specific people. It has a very broad readership

  14. At last all have their cross to bear. I think I like d final episode just dat Dammie is not able to let us know d girl used as jason’s dp,d 1 dat received his call n d other that went to his room. Still a mystery bt Glory be to God 4 d ending.

  15. hummm, i must say a very big thank you to Adelove, this story came in at right time, am not the type that love commenting thou i read the story but am not concerned about the commenting stuff, i didnt start this story from the beginning, based on network issues, bust something happened yesterday that has got me thinking, i wanted to forget my worries and i decided to read Adelove stories and i find out it was even he last episode so i decided to read from episode 1-24 just today. but this meet me right at the point of my need. Adelove as you are bringing smiles to the face of many people, i pray happiness will not cease from your home. thanks alot and i know God also love me to have directed to read this story, there are so many other things i would have done to make me happy but God Ordered my step to read this very story. thanks alot am writing this with tears

  16. Honestly i felt pity for Liz. if she had been open to seyi, she might not had gave in to Jason like that. And if she had aborted the pregnancy, she wuld have acheived her dream of becoming a medical doctor but she took the risk and lost her ambition. karma caught up with Jason ,”the screwer”. This is a great lesson for those that are in school. Thanks to Adelove.com. much love

  17. Even if the story is boring, we have to encourage the writer cos it isn’t easy to compose a story. Some of us are waiting for romantic stories. But this particular boring story has a moral lesson in it. Thanks to the writter. More grease to your elbow

  18. The story is a must read with enough moral lessons for the youth of this our generation.

    kudos to the writer n adelove crew.

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