We Advised President Buhari Not To Rush Back To Nigeria – Ortom

We Advised President Buhari Not To Rush Back To Nigeria – Ortom

Benue State Governor, Mr. Samuel Ortom on Tuesday said that the governors who visited President Muhammad Buhari in the United Kingdom last week advised him not to rush to return to Nigeria.

Mr. Ortom is one of the seven governors who met with President Buhari in London last week.

He  spoke with newsmen on his return from two weeks leave in Makurdi explained that the president is recuperating fast and would soon return to Nigeria.

According to him, ‘when we met the president, he was in high spirit and is eager to return to Nigeria, God has shamed those who wanted the president dead, he chatted with us and we told him to take his time and recuperate well until his doctors find him fit to resume work’.

The governor who expressed his dissatisfaction with the manner some Nigerians politicized the ailment of the president said that Buhari as president represents Nigeria and whatever happens to him should be of concern to every Nigerian.

“What he needs is our support and prayer, here in Benue we were the first state to start praying for the president because if the president is sick Nigerians are sick,  God has put those who think that President Buhari would die to shame, my prayer for them (the critics) is that God should forgive them,


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