(Episode 19) A House Of Commotion… The Favourite Wife’s Lot!

As the weeks rolled into months and months into years, Fatimah began to give in to despair even though alhaji had told her not to bother herself that children would come at the right time. She confided in her mother who advised her to be prayerful and wait on Allah but Fatimah was not one for persistent prayers. The other wives continued to be hostile towards her and since she also could not give birth, they did not relent in taunting her about failing to give alhaji a child even though that was the reason why he had married her in the first place.

The only friend she had was Mustapha who never ceased to encourage her to be patient with his father especially when he was not in the best of moods.

Alhaji on the other hand was getting suspicious of the closeness between his son and his last wife but he kept his feelings to himself pending when the two people will do something that would give them away.

Fatimah was afraid that he would get married to another woman because of her inability to conceive even though she was his fourth wife.

That day, she decided to confide in him about her fears when he came into her room to spend the night.

Fatimah: “alhaji, I am afraid that you may marry another wife soon” she said.

Alhaji Abdul: “you are full of surprising thoughts. What makes you think I will marry another wife?” he asked her. There were lying together on his bed with their hands intertwined.

Fatimah: “because I have not been able to give you a child yet. The other wives keep drumming it into my ears that you married me because you wanted a child” she confided in him.

Alhaji Abdul: “you are very funny. I never married you because I wanted a child, there was no guarantee that you would give me another child after marriage. I married you because I loved you and I still do”

Fatimah: “that is what men say and the next thing, they bring in another wife” she said.

Alhaji Abdul: “is somebody jealous of what does not exist already? Sometimes you talk as if you are not a Muslim. I have four wives already, how can you even think of me marrying another when you know what our religion says?”

Fatimah: “you can divorce one of us and replace with a new woman”

They both chuckled and alhaji drew her close to him.

Fatimah: “I have a request” she said sitting up.

Alhaji Abdul: “whatever it is, you have it. So long as it does not have anything to do with any child”

Fatimah: “I want you to permit one of my friends to visit me. We served together and she was very active during our wedding. She has been asking to visit me for a long time now but because of your policies about guests coming into the house, I have been telling her one lie or the other. Right now, she is accusing me of not wanting her to come to my house because I am married to a rich man. I don’t want her to see me in that light because she was very helpful while we were in the university and even while we were serving” she explained in one breath, afraid of what her husband’s reaction would be.

Alhaji Abdul: “that is fine by me. As long as she is the one coming here and not you going to visit her, I permit”

Fatimah was more than excited to get alhaji to approve her friend’s visit. She had missed the girl so much and couldn’t wait to have her around since she could not go out to visit her.

She hugged her husband modestly in appreciation of his approval and the couple ended up sweating on top each other, with alhaji’s manhood buried deeply into his wife’s honey pot.


Fatimah grinned as her friend admired the mansion that she lived in. When she took her friend to her room and her kitchen, Nana, for that was the friend’s name could not help but pray for a husband like alhaji.

Nana: “hey, this your husband is very rich o. I think he is even richer than what the media are reporting out there” she remarked sipping from the glass of juice that Fatimah had offered her.

Fatimah: “why do you think so?”

Nana: “see the mansion that you people live in now. Everything in this place in computerized. See state of the art technology everywhere. See your fine room, see your bed, chai. My friend, walahi you dey enjoy” she said.

Fatimah: “thank jare. So, how are you now, whatsup with that your guy?”

Nana: “forget that one jare. We broke up long ago. The guy has nothing to offer. Fati, you look good o, so this is what you have been enjoying here and you never called me to come and enjoy the weekend, is it fair? In fact, this one that your skin is this fresh, are you sure that you are not pregnant?”

Fatimah: “I wish I was” she replied sadly.

Nana: “wait, are you telling me that ever since you got married you have never been pregnant?”

Fatimah: “are you trying to mock me? If I had been pregnant, wouldn’t you have known?” she said.

Nana: “how would I have known? I have never visited you and you have never visited me ever since you got married”

Fatimah: “well, you would have heard about the naming ceremony if I had given birth” she said.

Nana: “but what is the problem? You kept yourself pure all through the while that we were in school so why would you find it difficult to take in?”

Fatimah: “my sister, help me ask o. I married a virgin and I have never had any other man in my life” she said.

Nana: “what about your husband, how is he taking it?”

Fatimah: “he doesn’t even care. I think somebody casted a spiritual spell on him and that is why he cannot afford to impregnate other women and to make it worse, they did it in such a way that he doesn’t even care. Do you know that he has refused to follow me to an imam in search of solution?” she asked.

Nana: “that is good for you o, I think it is to your own favour that he doesn’t want to go and find out what the problem is”

“how do you mean?” she asked curiously.

Nana: “I think now is the right time for you to take your destiny into your hands else you will just get kicked out of this mansion with your eyes opened” she said.

Fatimah: “I see don’t see what you mean” she said.

Nana: “since your husband does not believe that his inability to get you pregnant is spiritual, I think you should go and look for another man to impregnate you and then you will give the pregnancy to your husband. I am sure he will never suspect you. That’s what most of these big women do to cover up their husband’s shame”

Fatimah: “are you okay at all? You are asking me a married woman to sleep with another man, get pregnant and give the child to my husband? What if the father of the baby comes for his child?”

Nana: “this is how we will do it…”

Question: “Fatimah seems to have gotten herself a bad adviser. Will she do Nana’s bidding? Do you think it was right of her to disclose her family problems to her friend?

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  1. Very wrong of her ..she will be a big fool to do something like that.Her mother’s dream should not come to pass o!

  2. hmmmmm fatimoh plsss don’t take Nana advice bcos if Alahji find out fatimoh u are in soup plsss don’t try it all else u divorce Alahji!!! DAT is my advice for u

  3. Mustapha’s mother might use her womb to gather wealth for her husband Allaji knows about it that is the reason Why he doesn’t care If anyone has a child or not, Fatima will take her friend’s advice If she eventually get pregnant Allaji and Mustapha’s mother will be exposed

  4. It’s not bad telling her but dat nana self, I thought she will help her seek imam n bring her feedback. I see nana taking her advice only if she didn’t tell her mum abt d solution but I hope she doesn’t engage in such for future sake

  5. She isn’t wrong by discussing her family problem wit her friend after all a problem shared is half solved already,but I don’t support d advice her friend is giving her.

  6. She should’nt av discuss her family problem especially 2 a friend. I hope she did not follow her friend advice o. She should first find out what d problem is b4 she’ll know d solution to it

  7. It is right that she confide in her but the advice she is getting from Nana is indeed a very BAD ONE.


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