(Episode 22) A House Of Commotion… The Favourite Wife’s Lot!

Mustapha tried to rub his face so that he could wake up from the supposed nightmare but nothing happened.

Mustapha: “am I dreaming? What is going on here? Why is my father asking me to leave his house? What have I done wrong” he asked himself over and over again after his father had stormed out of the house. His wife who had watched the drama between father and son couldn’t believe her ears.

Amina: “what was that you just did with your father? Were you two playing pranks on me? What does your father mean by disowning you?” she asked her husband.

Mustapha: “honestly I don’t know what happened. Alhaji has never joked with me like that before. I mean why should he even do that?”

Amina: “what is going on here? If I say I am not confused, then I will be the greatest liar on earth”

“I am going to find out what is happening in the main house right away” he said and opened the door with his wife trailing behind him.

Fatimah was on her knees pleading for mercy when Mustapha and his wife entered the main house.

Fatimah: “alhaji please have mercy on me, I am innocent” she kept on saying even as he ordered his maids to throw her things out.

Mustapha: “what is going on here today?” he asked no one in particular for he couldn’t still bring himself to think that he was not dreaming.

Fatimah: “I don’t know what is happening, alhaji just came in and asked me to leave the house that he has divorced me, I don’t know what I did. Look at my condition, where does he want me to go with this heavy pregnancy. Help me beg him to have mercy on me for the sake of his baby in my womb” she said to Mustapha.

Mustapha: “father…”

Alhaji Abdul: “cursed be you if you ever call me your father again. Who is your father? I can never give birth to an animal like you. Why don’t you ask your mother who your father is?”

Mustapha opened his mouth to speak but the words would not form for he was too shocked for words.

Amina: “alhaji, what has my husband done? Whatever he has done, I apologize to you on his behalf, please forgive him” Mustapha’s wife intervened.

Alhaji Abdul: “it is beyond forgiveness, my daughter. My only regret is that I married you, the daughter of my best friend for this animal who doesn’t know how to control his body” he spewed.

Suddenly, Mustapha regained his voice, like one whose tongue had just been untied.

Mustapha: “what have I done to you father that you have chosen to embarrass me before the domestic staff like this?”

Alhaji Abdul: “if you ever call me father again, I will make sure you spend the rest of your miserable life in hell” he screamed.

Mustapha: “what do I call you? For more than 30 years of my life, I have called you father and until today there has been no problem. Why do you now say that I am not your son?”

Alhaji Abdul: “no child of mine will ever sleep with my wife. You have committed the worst of abomination and I will never forgive you. I have told you to leave my husband or I get you arrested. You ceased to be my son the moment you took my wife to bed and impregnated her” he dropped the bombshell.

By this time, the sitting room was filled with all the wives in it and they all covered their ears with their fingers when alhaji Abdul spoke of the abomination that his wife and son had committed.

Hajiya: “my son Mustapha did what? No that is not possible, somebody wake me from this terrible night mare please” she said and began to weep.

Fatimah: “it is not true, we didn’t do anything. I didn’t do anything with your son, alhaji” she said, her cries drowning her voice.

Mustapha: “what? How can you even think of me committing such an abomination, father? I have never had anything to do with your wife, you need to believe me, whoever fed you with that story wants to destroy this family” he pleaded with his father.

Amina: “I said it. I said it that this your closeness to your father’s youngest wife is not natural. I told you that you had eyes for her but you turned around to accuse me of jealousy and envy. Now, look at what you have done. How can you even think of sleeping with your father’s wife? What is it that I don’t do for you? Is she finer or better in bed than I? I gave you my heart, my body and three beautiful children, Mustapha and yet you still have the heart to do this to me. I am going back to my father’s house, I cannot take this anymore” she said and turned to leave but her husband caught her by the arm.

Mustapha: “you have to listen to me; I have never cheated on you ever since we got married. You are my wife, you need to believe me” he pleaded.

Amina: “don’t you dare touch me with your adulterous hands. If you didn’t do it, your own father wouldn’t have accused you of doing it. God, how will I even hide my face when people find out that my own husband is actually the one who is responsible for the pregnancy of his father’s wife? I am going back to my family with my children, you will hear from my father’s lawyer” she said and stormed out of the house.

Alhaji Abdul: “see what you have caused me? That girl is the favourite child of my best friend who has used his connection to get me so many contracts. Leave my presence, Mustapha and never return, I am no longer your father and you are no longer my son” he said and turned his back to his son.

Hajiya: “no, you cannot do this alhaji. That boy is your biological son and you cannot throw him out, no matter what he has done. I will advise that you take things easy, let’s find a way of resolving this please” she fell on her knees and held on to her husband’s feet, wetting it with her tears.

Alhaji Abdul: “find a way out of what? What is there to even find a way out of? In all your years on earth, have you ever heard of such an abomination? Oh, I see that the child is not even mine so you don’t see him sleeping with my wife as any big deal” he said.

Hajiya: “how can you even think of a thing like that? You know that Mustapha is yours…”

Alhaji Abdul: “how will I know that he is mine? How will I know that it was not another man’s pregnancy that you gave me the way Fatimah wants to force your son’s own on me?”

Hajiya: “alhaji, what has come over you today.  What is the meaning of all these? First you accused my son of sleeping with your wife and now you are accusing me of giving you another man’s child. If you don’t want us in your house again, there are other better ways to go about this” she protested.

Alhaji Abdul: “you still have the mouth to talk back at me? You should go and hide your face in shame but since you are too shameless to do that, then I divorce you. Yes, I divorce you. You are to leave my house this minute, carry your son and go and give him to his father” he said and turned to Fatimah who was still crunching on her knees and weeping beside her box.

“Leave my house. Take the pregnancy to Mustapha who got you pregnant, I will communicate to your parents in due time. If I see you or your parents anywhere close to this place, I will have you and them arrested” he said and returned to his room.

That day, Alhaji Abdul’s mansion was like a house where death had visited. After all pleas to no avail, Amina picked her children and her things and left Mustapha’s house. Mustapha and his mother also had no option than to leave the house. Fatimah dragged her things and came outside the compound. She was the last to leave because she had stayed behind begging for mercy until alhaji called his security personnel to throw her out if she refused to leave on her own.

She stood outside the gate wondering where she would go to.

“Is this the end of my quest to remain a rich man’s wife despite the gap in our age? Where do I go from here? Will my father accept me after all the warning he gave me about marrying an old man because of his money? What do I do with this pregnancy?” she asked rhetorically.

Question: Is like things have finally gone wrong for Fatimah. Can somebody help us answer the questions she is asking?

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    • Hi ALCREW&FANs,

      Not over for Fatimah, her friend Nana seems to be behind the whole hoax and would be found out @ the right time. Sad she’s wasting every1 time.


  1. This story has been full of typographical error please whoever is posting it should check properly before posting. Just a suggestion. Thanks

  2. Fatimah,once again Sorry! Fatimah u have to carry that baby it is ur cross bear it. Episode 23 and 24 will tell us the truth. (Adelove and Crew, Jokwa nuu ooo.)

  3. Abeg make she find the answers to her questions herself. I hate woman that will be dyeing inside yet they can’t open-up. When your dad is asking you about your marriage you should have told him all about Alhaji and his rules and even your co-wife behaviour but alas you kept them to yourself see where it has landed you nonsence.



  4. Fatimah should go back to her parents, they will accept her. She should take courage, alhaji will come back to his senses and realised what he has done and come back to her if the child is really alhaji’s.

  5. Nawa ooo,hope dis is not NANA’S handiwork??! No matter what d truth shall prevail. I really feel for mustapha ooo, his wife na bad market.

  6. Mustapha may be innocent but Fatimah may/may not be.

    Nana has warmed herself to Alhaji ‘s heart and want to marry him. Hence the sudden accusation. And those co-wives, Jemila and Safa helped to solidify their position.

  7. it’s true that Fatima has taken a wrong step in marrying alhaji who is older than her father. the deed has been done and settled. but the issue at stake is as a result of misinformation based on the allegations levelled on both mustapha and Fatima before. probably the CCTV cameras that must have captured and recorded the call between Nana and Fatima about sleeping with another man to get impregnated is what I think alhaji is acting upon.

  8. It is Nana’s handwork but will c her thr. Your father warned u, she should av money on her now all d 500,000 Alhaji av been given her. She don’t av to go to her parent’s house, she should just call them on d phone & explain wat happen bcos her father will send her away too. Happy Sunday to u all

  9. Sorry Fatima,D lord will see u through,as for Nana,remember that d evil men do live with them and not after them.Happy Sunday to Adelove and crew/fans.enjoy ur Sunday with adelove.Next episode pls

  10. Hmmmmmmmm, she should go back to her father and tell him everything.
    Alhaji will surely look for her and her baby and beg Mohammed and his mum to forgive him

  11. Ozumba your advice makes sense.
    She should go to the father and narrate all that truly happened in the house.
    I believe he’ll be angry, but, he might take her in.
    But if he doesn’t, then she rent a place and start a business

  12. And I won’t want her going to nana’s house o cus I blived she is behind these happening. Best thing is for her to call her mum n narrate all that happened to her without excluding nana’s part in d story

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