Jonathan should keep quiet – Wahab Shittu

Jonathan should keep quiet - Wahab Shittu

Constitutional lawyer Wahab Shittu has advised former President Jonathan to maintain a dignified silence.

He said: “The reality is that  corruption thrived to unprecedented height during his tenure, Corruption not only became the  elephant in the room, it was  elevated to  a fundamental Article of Faith with frightening consequences on the economy with  the people  worse hit in terms of living standards and negative image to our country.

“These days we are daily assaulted with unimaginable disclosures of massive looting of our commonwealth with accusing fingers being pointed at senior officials of his administration many of who said they acted on the basis of authorisation of the former president.

“Until the former president clears himself of these allegations he has no moral right to raise his voice in public commentary on the affairs of our country.

“The former president handed over a postrate economy with the country plunged into economic recession for which it is yet to recover. From mind boggling allegations of massive looting of our commonwealth to alleged divesion of resources meant for arms procurement to private pockets including massive corruption in the electricity sector and other sectors of the economy,  the country took a turn for the worse,  it was an era when the former president publicly pronounced that stealing did not amount to corruption.”


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