Just For Laughs!!! Worry Over Nothing

Just For Laughs!!! Worry Over Nothing

A husband and wife laid in bed silent. The wife stared at the husband, worried about his silence;

Why is he not talking to me? Is he thinking of another woman? Is he seeing someone else? Don’t i appeal to him anymore? Is he trying to dump me? Is he now finding me ugly? Does my makeup now repel him?

He has not spoken to me since he came in. I know his mother does not like me; maybe they are arranging another wife for him. Is this how i will end up a single mother? God please save my marriage.

The wife finally gathered courage and asked her husband; “Honey why are you not talking to me? what did i do to deserve this?”  she asked, tears in her eyes.

The husband turned and looked at her with his red eyes and angry face, and then replied; “How on earth did Burnley beat Chelsea 3-2 and we have Morata on the pitch?”

Sometimes wives worry over nothing.


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