Reps attacks Obasanjo over “unarmed robbers comment”

Reps attacks Obasanjo over "unarmed robbers comment"

Following former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo’s comment of ‘unarmed robbers’  labeled against members of The House of Representatives on Thursday, the house members has said they do not intend to issue a formal  response to him.

Obasanjo,speaking at a book  presentation in Ibadan on Thursday, had described the legislators as a bunch of  unarmed robbers because, as he said, “they are one of the highest  paid in the world where we have 70 per cent of our people living in abject poverty.”

The House said yesterday that its response to an earlier accusation in the heat of the budget padding controversy in 2016 is sufficient for the latest accusation by the former President.  House spokesman Abdulrazaq Namdas, said: “There is nothing to say because the House has responded to the former President previously.

“The accusation this time is the same as before, so there is nothing to add. Our position has not changed from what we said in 2016.”

Besides, Namdas said that on a personal basis ,he was not prepared  to cross fire with Obasanjo in view of his age and position as a former President.

His words:”He is an elder and in my culture, you don’t respond to elders every time.

“You don’t banter words with your elders.Having responded once and he accuses you again and again, what you do is you keep quiet.

“Remember he is a former President and an elder statesman. I will not say more than that.”


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  1. Good. May you live long and prosper for upholding the culture of our land. This is what is expected by tradition; from a well brought up young man or woman that comes from à good home.
    This respect is what is expected from everybody.

    Unfortunately, the basket-mouth Fayose, the current governor of Ekiti, who I think has been cursed,lacks. Fayose is even playing GOD, behaving as if he could wittingly terminate the Life of our President Buhari even where it pleases GOD, to prolong PMB’s life.

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