Buhari thinks he can easily crush Biafra – Ohanaeze Ndigbo

Buhari thinks he can easily crush Biafra - Ohanaeze Ndigbo

The Ohanaeze Ndigbo has reacted to President Muhammadu Buhari’s  presidential broadcast

The Ohanaeze made his position known in Abakaliki, the Ebonyi state capital, through national publicity secretary, Prince Achi Okpaga.

On hate speeches, he stated that the APC were responsible for such, advising them to first purge themselves before accusing others.

“I join other well-meaning Nigerians in thanking God for the President’s miraculous recovery.

“It is however pertinent for the government to get on with business and start implementing the budget to the fullest.

“This administration has less than two years to prove its mettle, in all ramifications, to Nigerians.

“I am tempted to observe that the achievement the government is crediting to itself is a mere political choreography”, he said.

Meanwhile, Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, has said it is “hypocritical of President Muhammadu Buhari to believe in one Nigeria.”

MASSOB leader, Uchenna Madu said this while disagreeing with the President’s remark on the unity of Nigeria.

Buhari in his address to the nation, following his return from London, where he spent over 100-days had harped on the unity of Nigeria.

However, Madu, in a statement said: “We the people of Biafra can never be deceived by a man fully blooded with religious, ethnic sentimental and hatred against the people of Biafra.

“Buhari in his inner sense of reasoning believes that with his kinsmen occupying the military positions of service chiefs, including all the most senior military offices/positions, he will easily crush Biafra.

“Maybe with his intimidating tendencies over Igbo governors, National Assembly members, religious/opinion/ political leaders, he still thinks he can crush Biafra.”


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  1. Buhari as the president supposed to be protecting the interest of all the ethnic nations that make up Nigeria
    A large majority of Nigerians want true federalism to reign in Nigeria, expect the north
    It’s unbecoming of a present go on air and make such a statement as “the unity of Nigeria is settled and non negotiate
    Such belligerent assertion only portrays him as propagating the agenda of his own ethnic nation, the Hausa/Fulani
    The is not only disappointing, but also obviously quite disrespectful and provocative to all non Hausa/Fulani in Nigeria
    The only non negotiable state of human union is that of master-slave relationship
    Besides, such comment as “some people that will cause trouble and run away—–” is to say the least a demostration of his utter disdain to the feeling of a section of the nation
    Such insulting statement no doubt refers to Ojukwu, who has passed a long time ago
    The president unfortunately lacks respect for the dead, even at his age
    So sad

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