May Thunder fire everyone that denied us good things in this Country – Paul Okoye

One half of hip hop duo P-square, Paul Okoye, has rained curses on those responsible for the under-development of Nigeria.

Okoye, who shared an aerial view of Las Vegas in the United States, said “may thunder fire those who denied Nigeria good things of life.

In a post on his instagram page, the superstar singer wondered when Nigeria will look like Las Vegas.

He wrote: “Dear God I woke up this morning in this lovely space and nice view #lasvegas and I want to thank you but I have a question; please don’t be offended.

“How long will it take for Nigeria my country to be like this? Abeg who did we offend bikonu. We don’t mind, we will go and beg for forgiveness no pride at all.

“We go humble ourselves even if they demand for a skeleton of an ant we shall provide. May thunder fire the people that denied us all these good things of life. Even me that thought I was living life am a starter an upcoming.

“See light everywhere!!!…and that’s how I will come and go back to my Nigeria, God help us all.”


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  1. Aaaaaaaaaaamen !
    That should include all those that deny us constant electricity supply, good roads devoid of pot holes, standard educational, transportation, judicial and health system
    Not forgetting adequate housing system, social security and other essential amenities
    You can never operate a self centred government, where you allocate jumbo pay and other benefits to yourself , steal public money left, right and centre, while the larger part of the population live below poverty line and expect to find favour with God
    No matter what, no wicked shall go unpunished by God almighty

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