Nigeria remains Africa’s topmost investment haven’

Nigeria remains Africa’s topmost investment haven’

National Coordinator, New Partnership for African Development (NEPAD), Princess Gloria Akobundu, has insisted that Nigeria, inspite of recession and misconceptions, remains Africa’s topmost investment haven for investors, who are desirous of bountiful return on investment.

She maintained that, with over 35 per cent return on investment, the 4th across the globe, and a population of over 192 million people (UN statistics), investors cannot afford to miss investment opportunities in Nigeria.

Akobundu told investors at the 6th conference of NEPAD member-countries in South Africa, with impressive presence of policy makers, that the recently launched Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP) 2017-2020 of Nigerian Government had the objective of bringing the economy out of recession and placing it on the path of sustainable and inclusive growth.

The NEPAD CEO, in a statement by her media aide, Nkem Anyata-Lafia, exposed the investors to the great investment opportunities in Nigerian economy, particularly in power/energy, agriculture, petroleum and allied products as well as transportation and solid minerals; all of which have high return on investment.

She added: “Nigerian Government has obviously repositioned and restrengthened its institutions and systems, in anticipation to become one of the greatest economies of the world, and we invite all interested investors to be part of the success story.

“Interestingly, most successful world entrepreneurs are neither the best coders nor sales persons, but ordinary people who seized great opportunities such that Nigeria presents today.”

Meanwhile, Princess Gloria Akobundu, has stressed the need for increase investment in youths, with a conviction that it will end restiveness and promote productivity.

She said such investment was not limited to government, extending invitation to private organizations and other Nigerians with exceptional talents and capabilities to share their knowledge and expertise with the youths for a collective growth and development.

Addressing some local and foreign investors in Owerri, Imo State, she encouraged them to maximize the potentials abound in Nigerian youths by coming up with developmental programmes and taking advantage of NEPAD’s robust relationship with local and foreign partners to achieve it.

Her spokesman, Nkem Anyata-Lafia, said: “We are committed to our mandate which was the development of the economy through linking the needs of the nation to solutions wherever they exist and also provide answer to capacity needs of the people especially, women and youths, whose empowerment, by their nature, benefits society most.”

She urged the people to be receptive to new ideas, new neighbours and friends who means well for them and their resources when they would eventually come to take over ailing industries and moribund sites as part of government effort to revive moribund industries in Niger Delta states.


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