Court dissolves 25-year-old marriage over adultery

Court dissolves 25-year-old marriage over adultery

A customary court sitting in the Agege, Lagos has yesterday dissolved a 25-year-old marriage between Mr Michael Branco and his wife, Omolayo, over allegation of adultery.

Mr Branco had approached the court to dissolve his marriage with his wife over allegation of illicit affairs, lack of care for their children and lack of character .

Bronco alleged that his wife was having illicit affairs with her boss in the office which resulted into pregnancy.

He told the court yesterday that his union with Omolayo, has produced three children but that he suddenly noticed strange behaviour in her.

The petitioner claimed that his wife had left her matrimonial home without his consent and that she was not submissive.

“She is troublesome, irreconcilable and a night walker. I want a relief by dissolving this marriage. My wife’s story is fallacy and figment of imagination. Since 25 years of our marriage, my wife has fought with almost everyone in my neighbourhood, putting me in shame. She comes home between 11:30pm to 12:00am daily”, he said.

Mr. Bronco further explained that his suspicion was confirmed when she brought a man into her matrimonial home.

He told the court that due to his wife’s seven years disappearance, he has got another wife living with him.

Meanwhile, the respondent, Mrs. Omolayo Branco, a civil servant, told the court that Mr Branco drank a lot and that sometimes he beat her mercilessly and left her with body injuries.

The presiding judge, Mr. Philip granted their request and ordered that the marriage between the couples be dissolved.


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