Kemi Olunloyo shares allege photo of a Nigerian legislator’s lesbian daughter

Controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo shared this photo allegedly of a Northern Nigerian legislator’s lesbian daughter exposing her cleavage while another girl admired her.

Kemi wrote;

“This #Hausa girl is the daughter of a famous legislator. She is an open LESBIAN. In 2013, her father was one of the MOST instrumental federal lawmaker to pass the #Nigerian anti-gay law. I have nothing against gays. I grew up with plenty of them in North America.

Who is he and did you know that northern Nigeria has the most homosexuals in #Nigeria? #hnngayvoices



  1. What a shame . What are you turning Nigeria to ? Please ,do Not forget Sodom and Gomorrah . It is in the Holy Bible and Holy Quran . The END is near . God / Allah will destroy this world with either by water or by Fire .
    Think about it .

    • You can see what is currently going on around the world : It has started in U SA with Hurricane , May be Nigeria will be next . Prayer has been saving Nigeria . As such , Please stop all this Nonsense Now . Thank you .

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