Navy arrests six Bangladeshi, 16 Nigerians for stealing diesel

Navy arrests six Bangladeshi, 16 Nigerians for stealing diesel

Men of the Nigerian Navy Ship (NNS) Victory of the Nigerian Navy in Calabar has arrested six Bangladesh nationals and 16 Nigerians for allegedly illegally diverting 22 metric tonnes of diesel in an illegal Ship to Ship (STS) transfer along the Calabar water channel.

Commander NNS Victory, Commodore Salihu Ibn Danhu Jibril, the vessel, NV Princess Oge, which brought the product from offshore Lome to deliver to a tank farm in Calabar was discovered carrying out the illegal activity and was immediately arrested.

Addressing reporters on board the vessel along the Calabar Channel before handing over the suspects and vessel to the Nigerian Police Saturday, Jibril said the Princess Oge was a bunkering bunkering ship that was given permission to deliver and discharge cargo in Calabar.

“Along the way she was found to have found transfer to ship transfer illegally to another ship and consequently we arrested the ship. She was arrested and brought here and having conducted our investigation and found their operation in line with our harmonized standard procedures for illegal activities for in the marine environment, we are formally now handing over the ship, crew and cargo to the Nigerian police for further investigation and prosecution.

“The suspects include 22 persons of different nationalities. We have six from Bangladesh and 16 Nigerians. The vessel was given permission to move AGO cargo to Calabar. In line with extant regulations we are handing them over to the police. The quantity that was diverted illegally was 22 metric tonnes missing from the initial cargo that she was supposed to deliver from what she took at the port of intake. The port of intake was offshore Lome, and is supposed to one of the tank farms in Calabar.”


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