One shot dead, 3 in critical condition as robbers raid Ogun community

One shot dead, 3 in critical condition as robbers raid Ogun community

It was a black Sunday for residents of Oluwalogbon Community, Osi Ota, Ogun State as armed robbers raided the community, killing one person and injured three others. One of the female victims was shot in the breast, another man shot in the stomach while the security guard on Ifelodun Street in the area was inflicted with machete cuts all over his body.

A resident, Baba Mayo, said the robbers numbering about 20, stormed the community around 2am, over powered the security guard manning the gate and divided themselves into groups. Mayo said the security guard was tied with rope and when he made attempt to escape, the hoodlums inflicted deep machete cuts on him.

He said: “The heavily armed robbers started house to house raiding. They ransacked my house and my tenants were not spared. They moved from one compound to the other. They held us to ransom for about two hours and the police did not respond to distress calls. The hoodlums had field day robbing, raping, maiming and killing people.

“Let me be frank with you, the chances of the victims’ survival will be on divine intervention. The security guard was seriously injured; he was matcheted in the neck, chest and other parts of the body. He lost a lot of blood. The other woman was shot in the breast. The doctors have advised that she should be flown abroad. Where will the poor woman get the money to travel abroad for medical attention? As I see the situation, the victims are in critical condition that needs urgent intervention by the government.

“The police station, which is at Sango is too far from us and that may be responsible why the police did not respond on time. We need a police station or post in the area. The robbers will still come back as they know that they can operate unchallenged. I use this opportunity to urge the Ogun State Governor Ibukunle Amusu, to come to our rescue. He should give us a police station or post”.

Another resident, who simply identified himself as Jemitta said the robbers held them to the jugular for hours. “It was confusion all through the morning. The unwanted visitors came around 2 am and operated till 4.30.You know what it means to be at the mercy of armed robbers for several hours .My wife was not shot, but she is hypertensive; her blood pressure was so high this morning. I rushed her to the hospital and the doctor said she must be admitted. I know a child that was hit by convulsion immediately the bandits entered their house yet they ransacked the house and carted away the sick child’s parents’ property.

We want the state government to prevail on the Commissioner of Police in charge of the state to do something urgent about the security challenges we are facing in the area”.


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