The spirit of God led me to do what i did, placard carrying lady reveals

Woman, who’s photo went viral Last week on social media carrying a placard to help her jobless hubby find a job has revealed that the spirit of God led her to do what she did.

Lady who?carried placard to help her?husband get a job says the spirit of God led her to do it

Upon investigation by Punchng, she turns out to be Omolara Adeniran, a nursing mother.

According to her, ‘I am a mother of a seven-month-old baby and a housewife. I am hoping to start a business once I have money to do so. I was led to do it and I followed the spirit of God. Left to me as a person, I wouldn’t have done that. But I was spiritually intoxicated and that gave me the boldness to do it. God said that was the only way we would come out of the hardship we are facing and the slavery work my husband is doing. The word I got was, “There is always a sacrifice for every promotion.’’ I was asked to make the sacrifice so my husband could be promoted and elevated’.

See excerpts from the interview below…

Why do you want a new job for him?

For about 12 years, my husband has been working in one of the popular commercial banks in the country as an information technology engineer. They keep promising to promote him without any hope of doing that. He has also been receiving the same salary of N70, 000 since he joined the bank till now without a review. He was single when he joined the company but he is now married and his responsibilities have increased. I am really troubled, especially knowing the kind of man he is and the kind of job he does. I had to take the case to God in prayer. Before I went to the streets to carry a placard to solicit a job for him, I received a message from God that I should advertise him for our situation to change. I was confused the first time I heard the message. But after calming down, I heard God’s voice clearly that it was what I had to do.

I didn’t do it of my own volition. It was not easy for me to do it. I had to ask God for boldness. I asked Him to give me David’s boldness to be able to do it. He stood by me and I was not shy. I felt delighted that I could do that and sacrificed for my husband. That was the reason why I went public to ask for a better job for my husband. I fully realised when God spoke to me that there is a better job out there for my husband, for his destiny to change.

How did you feel the day you carried the placard?

I felt good and awesome because it was not my initiative. I felt good being an instruction that was divinely ordained and which I had to make for my husband and my family. It was not as if I did it for my husband only, I also did it for myself. We became one the moment we took the marital vow together.

Many people wrongly abused me on the Internet that I didn’t get a job for myself but wanted to get one for my husband. My husband is the head of the family. The kind of person my husband is, even if he gets a well-paid job, the money is for us. I know the kind of man he is. People gave me attention that day and also appreciated me.

Have there been positive responses?

Yes, people called the number I wrote on the placard to either identify with my case or ask what the situation was and how they could help. Fraudsters also called that I should pay some money to get a good job for my husband. But I told the last of them that called me that such amounted to offering bribes and God wouldn’t want that. Some even erroneously called too to ask if I was searching for a husband. Many even wrongly believed a Facebook post by someone who claimed that he offered my husband a higher salary and I rejected, insisting on a salary in six figure range.


The Facebook user, one kdkonline, claimed that he offered to give your husband a job but you insisted on a salary of N200,000 monthly. Is this true?

I think the man only wanted to gain cheap popularity out of my plight. I have never met him before. I guess he got my number through my photo which went viral on the Internet. He called me and introduced himself as Oluwaseun. He told me that he has a foundation and I said, “Okay sir. Thank you for calling.” He asked me where my husband was currently working and I told him. He said, “Wow, he has such experience and has not been converted.’’

He again asked me the salary my husband was hoping to earn if he got a new job. I told him the amount he is currently earning monthly and added that a six-digit as salary would really be of help to us at this time. That was all I said. I was surprised when my attention was drawn to a post from the same man that I insisted on N200, 000 monthly. Honestly, if I have requested such an amount, my husband merits it because of his experience and competence. But I didn’t say so even though I can confidently say that as an IT engineer with over 11 years experience, my husband is worth more than a salary of N200,000 monthly.

I later learnt that is the pastime of the man on the Internet. That he goes online to demean people and criticise them to draw traffic to his blog for personal gains. I was sincere by saying six-digit salary was going to help my husband appreciate his labour to some extent and the man twisted everything on social media in an attempt to make us look bad and possibly make it difficult for genuine helpers to give my husband a deserving job.

I leave him to God who led me to do what I did. He probably didn’t know that I never of my own volition went to advertise my husband. It was a divine command. God, who asked me to do what I did, will not allow us to be ridiculed by him. I know that our divine helpers are thirsty to help us. The voice that parted the red sea and brought water out of the rock will open doors of unimaginable blessings for us. He surely will be alive to celebrate with us.

Is your husband aware of what you did on his behalf?

Initially, when I got the message, I was confused about how to advertise my husband. I asked God to speak to me the way I would understand. When I got the message clearly, I told my husband and he was shocked. He asked me why would I do such a thing when I was not drunk. He explained to me that having just put to bed and my body was just taking shape, l shouldn’t face the sun in my state and also that people would interpret my action wrongly.

I told him that it was God that told me to do it. He became calm instantly and we ended the discussion that day. But he didn’t give me the go-ahead. I returned to God and told Him to speak to my husband if he wanted me to do what He commanded. Few days later, he was at work and he called me. He said since it was God who asked me to do it, it cannot be a bad thing and that who was he to oppose it? He told me to go ahead and that cleared the way for me.



  1. Choi!!! This is who I call a WIFE!! How many ladies will do this for their husband today?! Father, pls remember me o! I need this kind of a wife who hears from God and supports her man!

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