Apple investigate claims iPhone 8 ‘bursts open while charging’

iPhone 8 users have posted snaps of their new handsets which have “burst open” while charging.

One social media user posted an astonishing picture of his new £800 iPhone 8 Plus which had split along the side – days after buying the expensive gadget.

The owner said the device cracked open when it was charging, according to Taiwanese media.

The phone had been in use for only five days and was charged with an Apple charger and cable, reports The Independent.

And a customer in Japan also reported a similar issue with his iPhone 8 Plus which he claims was delivered split open.

He also posted snaps of the allegedly faulty device on Twitter.

Apple confirmed to The Independent that it was looking into the two reports and that the tech company believes the problems stemmed from the battery “swelling.”

The California-based giant said it does not believe the technical issue poses a safety concern.

The highly-anticipated phone, which was released on September 22, features wireless charging and improved camera and battery functions.

But when the iPhone 8 was launched queues appeared to be smaller than previous years.

Normally, Apple fans wait for days at a time to get their hands on a new smartphone.

Fewer tech lovers waited outside Apple stores which could suggest many of the diehard fans were holding off to buy the ultra-premium iPhone X, which is due to be released later in the year.

However, this not necessarily evidence that Apple has failed to sell huge numbers of the iPhone 8 and larger iPhone 8+.

Many fans now choose to pre-order devices, which are then delivered to their homes on launch day.


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