Alleged $25bn scam: Wike accuses APC of plunging Nigeria into worst corruption pit

Rivers State governor, Nyesom Wike has accused the All Progressives Congress (APC) Federal Government of plunging the nation into its worst depth of corruption since independence.

Governor Wike said that the mind-boggling $25billion corruption scam leaked in the memo of the Minister of State for Petroleum, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu, had brought to the fore the high-level sleaze amongst top officials of the APC government through the NNPC.

He spoke at the Abia State Government House, Umuahia, yesterday, during a state visit, where he commissioned construction equipment and also held a meeting with the Abia governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu.

Governor Wike said: “When they said judges were accused of corruption, they were told to step aside. They have not told anyone to step aside so that they can conclude investigation. When you are in office, investigation will be compromised.

“It is for Nigerians to see. Are we fighting corruption? The corruption they are fighting is against some people who are their opponents. All of us are victims. I have never seen this kind of scandal in my political career. We have never heard of it like this. What about this $26billion (N9trillion) contract scam and nobody is talking. Everywhere is quiet.”

He said the anti-corruption fight is simply aimed at browbeating the opposition because the APC has metamorphosed into a monumental failure.

“So many promises were made, but none has been fulfilled. Everyday, what they have to say is corruption, corruption, and no other statement. Corruption from day one and corruption till the day they will leave office. What have they achieved? No roads, no infrastructure. I could not come to Abia by road. It is not possible, “ he said.

The Rivers State governor said that PDP is ready to rescue Nigerians from the failure and under-development foisted on them by APC.

He said: “They are working to see that there is disunity amongst the governors. But we have realised that we must work together because of the country. We will do everything possible to make PDP stronger.

“It is not by propaganda. No amount of blackmail will make the governors to shy away from taking Nigeria to the level Nigerians want it. We are going to work together to ensure that PDP emerges victorious in 2019”.

Governor Wike commended the Abia State governor for his commitment to rural infrastructure.

He announced that the Rivers State Government would work with the Abia State government to reconstruct the Oyigbo to Aba Federal Highway.

In his remarks, Governor Ikpeazu said that the construction equipment commissioned by Governor Wike will be used to revolutionise infrastructure in the state.

He said that the earth moving equipment will serve the rural communities of the state.


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  1. Obviously, this is like a drop of water in the ocean when compared with the massive looting perpetrated by PDP which was from left, right and centre

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