Apple working with LG Display to develop a foldable iPhone in 2020 – report

Apple has started working on a new iPhone model with a foldable display, which could be ready by 2020. The Bell (via The Investor) reports that Apple and LG Display are working closely to develop a flexible screen for a future-ready iPhone. The report claims that Apple is investing significantly in LG’s plant responsible for manufacturing of the flexible OLED display.

LG Innotek, the parts unit of LG, has already setup a dedicated team to develop the rigid flexible printed circuit board, also known as RFPCB. An unnamed industry source confirmed that the flexible OLED display for the foldable iPhone could start in 2020. The South Korean company has gained an expertise over the years to develop flexible displays. And not to mention, Samsung too is well equipped to make flexible panels for the smartphones and tablets. According to the report, Apple may be concerned about possible leaks from the display arm of Samsung, which is why the iPhone maker is teaming up with LG.

This isn’t the first time we’re hearing about Apple’s growing relationship with LG. In July, The Investor reported that Apple invested $2.70 billion in LG Display so that it could secure flexible OLED panels for the foldable iPhone. At the moment, Samsung is the lead supplier of expensive OLED displays for the iPhone X. The company has a monopoly over OLED production. Rumor has it that Apple is looking to work with alternate OLED suppliers, and it is ready to collaborate with LG for a new iPhone model that’s going to be launched sometime in 2020.

Apple might be developing a future-ready iPhone, but it won’t be able to ship the device before 2020. In case of Samsung, which is also rumored to be working on a flexible display smartphone, has plans to launch the device sometime next year. Speculated to be called the Galaxy X, the unique smartphone will be shown off for the first time, either at CES 2018 or MWC 2018.


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