Attention! You Will Never Use Toothpick Again After Reading This

A toothpick is usually a wooden stick or a plastic stick this is pointed at the two ends. We use these sticks to remove food residue (remains) from the area between the teeth and our gum.

After eating certain foods, there are often some leftovers that hang between our teeth that we struggle to remove and most times, we opt for toothpick  which are very easy to come bye.

Also, using toothpicks incorrectly, hastily or too often can cause damage to the teeth and to the gum. The sharp ends of a toothpick can either poke or injure your gum tissues causing bleeding.

A toothpick can also scrape away the protective enamel on the teeth. Toothpicks, when used incorrectly can also lead to gum degeneration and even swollen gums.

Using a toothpick can be dangerous because there are a variety of bacteria, viruses, that the body can contact through the toothpick we use. Toothpicks can also lacerate the gum tissues, causing them to bleed which can be severe in some cases.

It is important that we mind the kind of instruments we use in our mouth so as to avoid introducing bacteria into our mouth.


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