Senate seeks sanction against ban of unionism in work places

According to reports, the Senate on Tuesday passed a motion to sanction agencies, companies and institutions in Nigeria that prohibit their workers from organising labour unions.

In the motion sponsored by Shehu Sani (APC- Kaduna Central) on “the need to sanction private companies and institutions that disallow workers’ unionism in their companies”, the Senate noted that Nigerian workers were functioning under deteriorating conditions, particularly with the recent downturn in the economy.

Mr. Sani said the poor economic condition was being compounded by the policies of some private companies and institutions disallowing labour unionism and related forms of workers’ association.

“The intolerance of unionism has become increasingly rife among private companies and institutions in Nigeria, including private universities, in blatant disregard of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

Supporting the motion, Joshua Lidani (APC-Gombe South) said an important reason for forming unions in the workplaces is to defend individual workers and curb insecurity and joblessness among other vices.

Adopting the motion, the Senate resolved to mandate its Committee on Employment, Labour and Productivity to urgently draw up measures of ensuring compliance with labour unionism in work places.

The Senate also urged the Committee to ensure that companies who have proscribed unionism were appropriately sanctioned.


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  1. Nice one from The Senate, We just Hope they can follow up with full implementation without being swayed by FILTHY LUCRE. Let them Beam their Light especially on BANKs, TELECOMMS COYS and PRIVATE UNIVERSITIES

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