Meet the black American ebony model who caused light traffic in Lagos recently…

This young model shut down the damn internet after she and her team caused light traffic on Victoria Island in Lagos last week.



  1. She is not Black American . Even , if she is , then where a Hell are we heading to in Nigeria ? What are the police doing , seeing this type of Nudity ? What about our Concerned Citizens ? It is a shame. Best of luck . It would have been better if she had Never been born . Woe on to Satan .Kindly stop showing us such Ridiculous pictures . This does Not portray a very good image of your organization .Thank you .

    • Anthony, what you need is exposure and elightenment to realise that you have every right in this world to your own beliefs and ways of life
      At the same time, you have the responsibility to respect others for their own decisions and choices of lifestyle, as long as no one is breaking any law
      If I may ask, what has your dogmatic religious beliefs fetch this nation other than breeding loads of clever crooks that use the name of God to swindle gullible folks

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