One killed, shops burnt as Muslims, Christians youth clash in Taraba

At least one person has been confirmed dead, with shops worth millions of naira looted and burnt following a clash between Muslims and Christian youth in Dan-Anacha, a town in Gassol local government area of Taraba State.

An eyewitness, Mr. Titus Gowon told our correspondent on phone that trouble started at about 8:00pm on Sunday following a misunderstanding between Muslims and Christian youth at a brothel in the town.

According to him, a Christian youth was sighted with a Muslim’s praying bead and was accosted by four Muslim boys who accused him of blasphemy, beat him up and handed him and his friend to the police for detention.

He narrated that worried by their actions and why the police have to detain the two, some youth mobilised and went to the police station demanding for the release of the boys.

“While at the police station, the Muslim boys in their numbers attacked them, leading to the escalation of the misunderstanding. More details soon


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  1. Religion is supposed to spread the doctrine of peace, love and mutual affection, but unfortunate the foreign religion from the Middle East has brought so much pain, sorrow and anguish to Africa
    The Europeans and the Arabs came to Africa with the bible or koran in one hand and the sword or gun in the other hand to demonise everything African
    But what they never told Afticans was that their own religion which is full of their culture, tradition and mythology is no better that the religion of our forefathers who had already known about the existence of Olodumare or Chukwu before the advent of foriegn religion

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