(Episode 21) The Devil you Know…

(Episode 21) The Devil you Know...

He had received a call from someone around Badagry that she had seen someone who looked like the man on the news with an unconscious lady the previous night. The caller, not wanting to reveal her identity only told him she worked at the hospital. Immediately, he called his partner who was on leave that day and in few minutes tie, they were on their way to Badagry.


“Hey Mr!” he heard someone call from the distance, turned and it turned out to be a nurse walking hurriedly towards them. She looked at him then the lady on his back and gave a soft smile. “What is happening here? Why are you taking her away when she is still so ill?”

Maxwell: “Nothing. I just feel she has had enough of that drip and besides, we are in a hurry and need to get to somewhere now. Don’t worry, I have a personal doctor who will take care of her at home” he explained as innocently as he could muster.

Nurse: “But that is not allowed Mr. You need the permission of a doctor in charge of her health before you can take her away except she had been discharged which she hadn’t” she replied good naturedly.

Maxwell: “I did speak with her doctor and it was he who gave me the go ahead” he felt Bambi stir uncomfortably on his back and became hostile towards the nurse.  “Please I need to go now, you are wasting my time” he said and turned to leave but the nurse jumped in front of him.

Nurse: “Sorrry but I cannot allow you to take her away since that will put me in trouble. I will advise you sir to take her back to her ward” she said on top of her voice so others around could interfere. Other nurses soon joined them.

Maxwell: “You people should allow me take my sister away. How is it any of your business where I take her to or don’t take her to? I brought her here so I have the right to take her away anytime I want” he said desperately, looking from one nurse to the other.

“But it doesn’t work that way Mr. She is our responsibility now” one of the nurses objected.

Maxwell: “Okay then! I will return her to her ward. Can you all go back to your duties now? I know you all have stuffs to do” he said, turned back towards the ward and when he saw that the nurses had dispersed except for the first one, he turned back towards the exit and took to his heels with Bambi dangling on his back. The nurse bounded after him, calling for help.

People at the reception waylaid him. He tried to push his way through but they kept increasing. Just then, the officers arrived the scene.

1st Officer: “You are under arrest for the abduction of Miss Bambi Orimogunje, Mr Maxwell” he said, showing him is I.D card after calming the people down a little.

Maxwell: “What do you mean by that? She is my girlfriend. How can I abduct my own girlfriend?” he protested.

Nurse: “but you just called her your sister some minutes ago oga” she said sarcastically, a little out of breath.

1st Police Officer: “Please drop the lady on your back” he brought out his gun and pointed it at him.

He finally concurred and dropped her, he was soon handcuffed by the 2nd officer and taken to the police van parked outside.  Bambi’s doctor was already at the scene too and he gave the officer the permission to also take Bambi away but not without advising him to make sure she got admitted to a hospital immediately.


Williams: “Oh my God! Really? They have found her? my gracious that is good news. I will be there in a moment ma” he said into the phone. Miranda rushed to him.

Miranda: “Who has been found?” she queried with curiosity.

Williams: “A friend of mine who got abducted some time ago by her ex” he replied hurriedly dressing up.

Miranda: “That story all over social media? It is unbelievable you know that pretty lady anyway. Why didn’t you tell me about it?”

Williams: “Cos you didn’t have to know. It wasn’t something of importance to you”

Miranda: “But it is something of importance to you? Who is she to you anyway? Are you sure she is just a friend?” she asked with a pint of jealousy in her tone.

Williams: “C’mon!  Do you really think I’d answer that? you have nothing to be jealous about. She is just a friend. Rather than acting uptight like this, why not at least than God the innocent lady has been found? I have to go now. Take care of the house” he opened the drawer, took out his car key and left her in the room.

Few minutes after he had left, Jasmine peeped into the room…

Jasmine:  “I heard everything you guys discussed. Did it sound to you like she is just a friend to him indeed? I told you the end was near. How is the preparation for the wedding, hope you have the groom ready?” she laughed heartily for the first time in a long time.

Miranda: “What nonsense is this one spouting from her mouth? She is just a friend to him so get out of my face” she said slowly.

Jasmine: “No wonder he is hardly at home these days. Hmmmmm! Something is fishy. Its like you are about to lose him even before having him. Too bad babez but I wish you the best still. I hope she will be merciful enough to let the two of us leave this beautiful hellhole anyway. Oh dear girl!”

She left before Miranda could say any more word, laughing on top of her voice.


She went directly to the police station immediately she heard he had been arrested. She had been pardoned for lying to aid the suspect since it was she who got words out about the kidnapping and he being the criminal.

Gloria: “Why did you do that Max” she asked when he was finally taken to her.

Maxwell: “Because I love her and I had lost her to another man” he replied indifferently.

Gloria: “But you had me”

Maxwell: “I didn’t love you. I love her, I still do. I was also afraid of losing my job, that is the mistke I made. I shouldn’t have listened to you. I should never have had anything to do with you in the first place. You destroyed my relationship for your own selfish gain and now my life is destroyed. Bambi will never forgive me. Please do you know where she is? Is she alright?” his expression suddenly changed from angry to concern.

Gloria: “I am sorry Max. I am deeply sorry. I see the folly of my ways now. Just so you know, I lost the case against my husband which means there will be no alimony for me, instead, I will be the one to relinquish all his properties in my care. I have nothing now too. This is what greed made me do. As for you woman, she is fine now and at the hospital with her family”

Maxwell: “Good to know and please, stop coming here to see me. I don’t want to ever have anything to do with you again”

Gloria: “C’mon Max. Dont talk like that. you know I cannot turn my back on you. Together, we can sail through this, I promise. I will use all I have left to get you out of here. You just need to trust me now” she reached out and held his handcuffed hands in hers.

Maxwell: “You think I will fall for your wiles again?” he scoffed, stood up and an officer led him back to his cell.

Gloria: “But I am sincere this time around, I will get you out of here” she called after him.

Question: Should Max allow Gloria help him? How is Williams connected to the abducted girl Bambi? Or he was referring to someone else entirely?

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  1. William is the same Smith.

    and I think he never took the drink that was jazzed, he might just be playing along with Jasmine and mira

  2. Hmmmm this is just the beginning of the suspense
    Maxwell i told you before that your ga0e will soon be up and now it has happened

  3. Hmmm! Mira ur days are number in dat house. Williams is Smith. Williams knew about Mira and her friends plan on him,may be he has CCTV in his house.

  4. Hmmmm…I think Williams is d so called Mr smith ooo…and as for max he better swallow his pride n let Gloria help him after all both of dem started it together, She’s his only hope of getting out of prison

  5. Could Williams the same person as Smith? Gloria can do whatever, all I know is that Max will not go unpunished. Bambi should have her womb flushed invcase there’s an evil seed of Max growing in her

  6. I think Gloria is being sincere this time n will b able to hlp Max. Williams is talking about d same Bambi n most likely b d Mr Smith.

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