(Final Episode 24) The Devil you Know…

(Final Episode 24) The Devil you Know...

Williams: “Gloria please leave okay? I have heard you, I will help you talk to them. Now go home” he pushed her towards the exit.

Gloria: “But I still need to talk to them” she protested.

Williams: I said don’t bother about it” he finally pushed her out and locked the door, went back to the awe-stricken mother and daughter with his heart in his mouth.

Bambi: “Are you not supposed to leave with her? With your sister-in-law?” she said absent-mindedly.

Williams: “I can explain Bambi. I really wanted to tell you…”

Bambi: “When? When did you intend telling me you are married Smith? Or sorry Williams?” her voice began to rise.

Williams: “I am sorry, I was going through a lot in my marriage and I was just waiting for the right time to divorce her before opening up to you”

Bambi: “Divorce her? do I look like a lady who will let a man divorce his wife for her no matter what she has done?”

Willliams: “It wasn’t going to be cos of you. She did something really terrible to me. Please give me the chance to explain” he pleaded on bended knee.

Bambi: “Okay explain” she folded her arms across her midsection and looked away from him in annoyance.

He narrated how he had caught Jasmine and Miranda conniving to use love portion on him for no reason. He told them everything that had happened since then up till that moment.

Bambi’s Mum: “Hmmmmmmm” she kept sighing speeachlessly. She had no word to say since she had rooted for him blindly.

Bambi: “Was that it Williams? Was that all she did? According to you, she was hesitant in carrying out the act but for her friend who cajoled her into it. She only wanted to help a friend and they you caught them in the act. If you were a good person, wouldn’t you have dealt with the issue immediately? But what did you do? you pretended that it worked and turned to her friend. You must have fucked her friend on several occasions with her still in the house. She must have gone through hell just watching you two acting all loved up and her friend stepping all over her in her own home.

You gave her the kind of punishment no man I know has ever given his wife yet you still want to divorce her? What greater punishment is there than watching the one you love love another? I know you still love her anyway, if not, you’d have sent her packing a long time ago. I think you should go home. go back home”

Dejectedly, he left the house and rather than go home like he was advised to, he went straight to a hotel.

She looked at her bemused mum whose shock at hearing her perfect gentleman had been pretending all along knew no bounds.

Bambi: “Mum do you see that? I am not saying he is a bad person o, time and chance happens to us all, we all find ourselves in bad situations sometimes but what would have happened if Gloria had not shown up today? I’d have probably gotten the shock of my life on my wedding day. He has two women under his roof, who knows what one of them could have done to me in the future? Who knows? Who knows how obsessive one of them is of him?”

Bambi’s Mum: “I am sorry. I should have enquired about him first before pushing you to him. You should do whatever you want now. Forgiveness is not for the weak, it is the attribute of the strong”

She said, stood up and went inside the room.


She ran back to the sitting room dangling a knife.

Miranda: “none of us will have him, I can assure you of that bitch” she muttered under her breath as she raced for her friend who was scared to the bones at the sight of the knife.

Jasmine: “Heeeeeelp” she screamed when she recovered from her shock and ran to the other side of the sitting room while she chased after her. They both rounded the sitting room, throwing pieces of furniture around. Some of the domestic staffs ran into the living room too when they heard the commotion from their quarters.

Miranda: “I don’t care what happens now but I must surely kill you”

Jasmine: “You can’t do this Mira. You will be jailed” she said breathlessly as those around rounded the sitting room with them, trying to find a way to subdue her.

Miranda: “You’d have died then right? Williams is mine and no one will take him away from me, not you or anyone else. I will kill you all” she said and grinned devilishly. One of the male servants jumped on her from behind when she got distracted and wrestled the knife out of her hands.

Servant: “I don call oga. Hin dey come with police” one of them announced.

Few minutes later, he arrived with two policemen who put her under arrest for attempted murder. There were many eye witnesses so there was no way of escaping for her.

Miranda: “Jasmine I will come back for you and as for you Will, don’t dare marry another woman. I will kill her if you do. I will be back so keep planning our wedding” she had said before she was taken away.

Williams: “Are you okay Jas?” he went to her and put a hand on her quivering shoulder.

Jasmine: “How can I be okay? I am not. She was my friend” the shock she had been feeling gave way to grieve and sh broke down in tears. He held her in his arms.

Williams: “It is okay! You are fine now” he said.

Jasmine: “Yeah sure. Thank you” she quickly disengaged from him. “I will go pack my things and leave your house” she said and made to go but he held her back.

Williams: “Please don’t leave”

Jasmine: “I’m sorry but I have to. I am no longer fit to be your wife now. I am not fit to be wife to anyone. I should give way for the one you love” she said without looking back at him even though he still held her hand.

Williams: “The one I thought I loved has opened my eyes to the fact that I still love you. Anyone can make mistakes, you offended me yeah but I think I have punished you enough. I could have done something worst to you, wouldn’t you have forgiven me?”

Jasmine: “I don’t know what to say but I don’t think things will ever be the same between us again. I messed up real bad and I don’t know if my conscience will ever allow me stay on as your wife. Please just let me go”

Williams: “But where will you go to? We will work things out. This might even make us stronger and. Besides the devil I know is better than the angel I don’t know. Don’t forget that to you, Miranda was an angel but she turned out being the angel of darkness. If we separate now, you might meet someone worse than me and so can I. We have both done our worst now it remains our best. We have learnt a lot from this and that is not to trust blindly. Together, we can make this work okay? Please stay with me and remain my wife. I am sorry too for all I made you go through in the name of teaching you a lesson. I went to an extreme”

She faced him at last…

Jasmine: “You are really forgiving me?” she said with an emotion laden voice.

Williams: “Yes I am. You are forgiving me too?” he cupped her face in his hands, looking into her tear-filled eyes.

Jasmine: “Of course honey!”


A month later, she went to see Maxwell at the hospital where he had been receiving treatment at. The day  he was freed, he had been found in his cell hanging on a noose. He had tied a long rope to the window and hung himself on it. But for the timely intervention of the warder who took the news of his release to him, he would have died.

Maxwell:  “I feel so ashamed each time you come here to see me Bambi” he dropped his head. “I have told you on many occasions to stop coming here. It is a psychiatrist hospital do you know that?”

Bambi: “Of course I know that but I refuse to stop coming anyway. How are you? How is your treatment going?” she reached out and held his hands in hers. They felt unusually cold.

Maxwell: “I feel much better now. No more fear of the unknown. I am just living each day at a time now. I was really messed up Bambi and almost messed your life up too. I am sorry” he apologized a millionth time since his release.

Bambi:  “I know. I know you are. You will be out of here soon and guess what? My pencil artist friend has volunteered to partner with you. First, he will teach you how to make use of your hands in drawing and then set you up somewhere too. You wouldn’t have to be jobless anymore. But if there is something else you want to do, just mention it”

Maxwell: “Oh really? I always loved drawing. I left it many years ago when I started searching for a job. I should have just developed my talent rather than killing myself over another person’s job” he said regretfully.

Bambi: “It is not too late for that. You can still do it and Max? It is not too late for us. We can still work things out right?” she asked coyly.

Maxwell: “You want to get back with me? Jesus Bambi! You are an angel. I have never seen a woman like you before. No amount of money would have ever made my life complete without you in it. I don’t deserve you but I will try to prove myself worthy of this second chance for the rest of my life. I owe you my life Bambi. I owe you all that I will ever become” he jumped on her out of excitement and whirled her around not minding that people were staring at them.

He suddenly dropped her and looked into her eyes “You are not pregnant?”

Bambi: “Nah! I wasn’t fertile at that moment, I had just finished my period the day before that day. What I got was infections though for not being able to bath for days but I’ve been treated. I am free from them now” she replied with a glint of amusement.

Maxwell: “Oh thank God a baby wasn’t made in that circumstance. Dear, for what I did, I am going to make up for it for the rest of my life. I promise”


Gloria, unable to maintain her apartment anymore packed in with Skedulla since she had no other choice. Her cousin Jasmine helped her the little way she could but wouldn’t allow her stay with her in her matrimonial home- once bitten, twice shy. She soon took in for Skedulla who had always had a crush on her and had no other option but to marry him. She always cursed the day she started being discontent with what she had. The day she started lusting after other men, branding her husband sterile and incapable. She wished she could turn back the hands of time but it was already too late. She had to continue managing with the crumb that fell from her cousin’s table and the little money her husband brought home.


Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to read our stories, God bless you all and please share your thoughts about this story too and the lessons learnt if any. Thanks and God bless y’all. 

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  1. nice… but I still feel max don’t deserve Bambi after wat he did to her.. forgiveness is the lesson for me

  2. Wow,interesting.like seriously I didn’t know dat Bambi was still gonna give max a chance again.She really have a heart of forgiveness.

  3. The devil I know is better than the Angel I don’t know…… At The Fullness Of Times……
    Trust nobody but yourself and God. Thumbs up AdeLove and crew for a work well done.

  4. Nice One…The Devil I Knw Is Better Dan d Angel I Don’t Knw, 4giveness And Contentment Are D Lessons Dat I Learn..Kudos 2 Adelove Crew..Gud 9te 2 U All

  5. Whao i love this story! full of suspense and educating. i envy Bambi for such a forgiving heart, if it was me i wuld be so scared to love him again. No relationship is perfect anyway, we all walk towards perfection. Keep the spirit moving adelove, u are so amazing…

  6. Hmmmmm…… Perfect ending….. Nobody is perfect, in life is good to have a heart of forgiveness instead of nursing what will eventually cause your life. Really the devil you know is far far better than the angel you just met. Actually I learnt s lot. Kudus to Adelove and crew. Good night.

  7. Truly d devil u know is better than d angel u don’t know. What a story. Tanx Adelove and crew for dis wonderful and interesting story. D only thing I can is dat we should learn to have patient and wait for God time in everything we do and also b contended with what we have. As for us ladies, we should not put an outsider over our husband and also marriage.

  8. Though am a man I still don’t think Max is the perfect match for Bambi but who am I to question the power of love…good job Adelove.com….nyc piece of work there.

  9. Adelove Jokwa nuu ooo! Adelove thank u for opening my eyes i have leant alot. Biko female friends, female cousins, female relations; pls don’t come to my house again, Adelove have giving me a big pad lock to use and lock my door,Lols.

  10. hmmmm, an eye opener,i learn three lessons, be contented,not all friends are friends and change is constant, people deserve a second chance.

  11. What an educative story,all my data is for adelove,infact adelove has become an addiction to me,with their motivational,inspirational,lovely and sexy stories. Thanks,I,we, love ADELOVE.

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