Kenya’s Supreme Court to hear petition seeking to delay election rerun

Kenya’s Supreme Court will hear a petition on Wednesday filed by three Kenyans that seeks the cancellation of a presidential-election rerun scheduled for the following day.

Those, who filed the petition are Khelef Khalifa, Executive Director of Muslims for Human Rights; Samwel Mohochi, Executive Director of the International Commission of Jurists; and Nahason Kamau.

They said that the credibility of the vote is not assured, citing political interference among other concerns.

The court will hold a hearing on the petition on Wednesday, the eve of the rerun of August elections which were later nullified by the Supreme Court due to irregularities.

Incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta won August’s poll, but opposition leader, Raila Odinga, went to court over alleged fraud and demanded a rerun, which he was granted.

The new date was set for Thursday, but earlier this month Mr. Odinga pulled out saying the electoral reforms he had asked for had not been met.

He has called for mass protests to coincide with Thursday’s vote, which Mr. Kenyatta is insisting will take place.

Tensions have been mounting in the East African country ahead of the poll rerun, with almost daily mass protests and foreign diplomats warning a fair election cannot be guaranteed.

On August 18, a senior official in the country’s electoral commission fled to the U.S. saying she had received death threats.

After Kenya’s disputed 2007 election, more than 1,000 people died in clashes that were mainly divided along ethnic lines.


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