Sad! Nigerian man who graduated few days ago, dies hours after finishing his NYSC registration

This is really sad news…

A young man, Farouq Abubakar, who graduated quite recently died today after registering for his NYSC.

His friend penned him an eulogy, he wrote;

“He was a gentle man with full of humour, that you can’t be bored around Biggy; I remember even from our old days at secondary school despite the youthfulness yet he is a friend for all.

The last time we wet was somewhere in Layout Katsina close to his house where he congratulated me for my graduation. He’s a fresh graduate with full of promise and enthusiasm that he went and register for nysc batch b today in the afternoon but sadly he is no more.

Allah yasa aljanna firdausy ce makomar ka Farouq Abubakar”…

Innalillahi wa’inna ilahhi raji’un! Indeed Every soul shall taste death! “May his gentle soul rest in jannatul Firdausi”

His last post on Facebook was yesterday, 7pm…

May his soul RIP…


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