Buhari trying to destroy me – Raymond Dokpesi cries out

Dr. Raymond Dokpesi, a media mogul and chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has said that President Muhammadu Buhari has taken many steps to destroy him since 2015 he (Buhari) resumed office.

Dokpesi is in front-line for the position of the national chairman of the PDP and is facing a trial under the APC administration.

According to him, Buhari is attacking him because he is defending the PDP.

He told newsmen, “When I speak, I speak with all sense of responsibility and confidence. Since 2015 the Buhari led Federal Government has oppressed, attacked me and has attempted to cripple even the businesses that they think I put up.

“The very first pronouncement when Buhari came to office was that AIT would not be allowed to come in.

“Then I came out of retirement, I put on my gloves, and I told them that AIT is a national broadcaster and not even the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has the right or the power to stop AIT.

“I came out! APC has made several overtures to me. They have looked for compromise, they have looked for agreements, I have never been daunted.

“I have never retraced my steps. I have never believed for one second that APC was right or won the election.

“INEC has declared them as winners, so I have no choice but to accept their victory, but what is left in me is to fight, to recoup, to recover for the PDP the mandate which I believe was illegitimately and illegally transferred to the APC.

“So, we must defend our people. We must protect the interest of our people.

“Any person in the PDP saying that because I am standing trial and should not stand for national chairman, I want the person that is not standing trial to come and show what he has done to project and prosper PDP.

“Let him come out and tell me what sacrifices he has made to get the PDP to go ahead. If I am being maligned, If I am standing trial, I am standing trial because I am standing for the PDP, because I am defending the PDP.”



  1. You are not saying anything, what you are putting up cannot get any vote to become chairman of pdp, your party pdp did that kind of campaign in 2015 and does not change anything, Nigerians has gone beyond sentiment, tell them what you can offer instead of talking about buhari

  2. All these thieves will never be happy that Buhari came in to stop their looting, their mindless “rape” of my beloved country, Nigeria, but I have very bad news for them: their sorrow has just begun because has upto 2023 to deal very decisively with them and put a final stop to their ungodly stealing of our collective wealth. Lamentations of Rogues!

  3. One important thing that Dopkesi forgot to tell the public was that he used his AIT media to run loads of campaign of lies against Buhar personality in the lead up to the 2015 election

  4. Nigerian are not fool oga dokpesi after collecting huge billion of naira from dasuki,
    God will surely judge those who want to kill this country.

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