Must Read: 7 Ways You Are Killing Your Brain

1 Skipping breakfast: Too busy to think of breakfast in the morning? Well, you will need to have a rethink as breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Something light like a cup of tea or cereal is a good way to wake up your brain for the day.

2 Consumption of high sugar:  You think the only side effect of consuming too much sugar is diabetes? Not at all! Reduce your intake of sugar if you need your brain to be in good shape.

3 Sleeping late: Do you love to stay up late chatting and/or watching your favorite movie? You need to have a rethink as this has adverse effect on your brain.

4 Eating and Watching TV or staring/working on the computer: Oh yes, this is wrong and we are all guilty. Stop it!

5 Blocking or preventing urine:  Now this is dangerous. Apart from the damage it does to the brain, this is also not good for the kidney. We just have to quit this habit.

6 Wearing Scarf/cap and socks while sleeping: Surprised? Well, I am not. The brain also needs air just like every other part of the body.

7 Over sleeping in the morning: Always culling up in bed for those sweet morning naps? Well, your brain doesn’t like it so avoid it as much as you can.


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