(Episode 13) Lovertainment – Turning heads Story!

(Episode 13) Lovertainment - Turning heads Story!

Chief Okoronkwo:  “I forgot to ask you, What’s your best style in bed?” he asked, sizing her up.

Amy: “Doggy style is nothing but my best, at least according to experience. Follow by Cowgirl.” She giggled stylishly. “I love it when a man give it to me from behind, especially after I had finished my period. I am usually very sensitive at that time of the month and sex seems more painful as a result. I love it nevertheless.” She added

Chief Okoronkwo: “You mean like a mixture of pain and pleasure make sex enjoyable for you?” he asked.

Amy: “Well, let me just say a little bit of pain during sex would quickly bring me to an orgasm.”

After they both left to upstairs sitting at the spare room, Amy couldn’t help but visualize him grabbing her with his strong arms during the conversation, throwing her onto the couch face first. The  bedroom looks so romantic with red flowers dressed well on it. Amy knew what was about to happen next.

Amy: “Chief! What about the people in the house? Won’t they hear us enjoying ourselves?” she asked

Chief Okoronkwo: “Forget them and let’s concentrate on what we are doing here.” he replied.

Amy stared at Chief for a couple seconds as he took off his shirt. He looked even more handsome with his shirt off.

Amy: “You must have been regular at the gym Chief, I do love your muscular and toned physique. Any lady dating you must be lucky to have you. I can’t wait having you inside me right now Chief!

Chief Okoronkwo moved closer, kissed her. They were still both fully clothed, but not for much longer. He pulled up her white blouse and then he pulled up her bra. Her size 36 DD breasts fell out of her bra and he immediately grabbed both of her tits and tried sucking both at the same time.

Amy: Hmmm… (she couldn’t resist the moaning sound as she was desperate to have his JT in her cookie)

Chidera had followed them some minutes later, intending to talk to her father and convince him again to let Amy go, then she heard Amy moaning as she got close; they had not even bothered to close the door properly. she felt so angry that she had failed then she smiled; she knew what to do. She went to look for Alero.


Jidofor: “you what?” he asked then he laughed. He could not believe her.

Mabel: “I am serious Jidofor. I cannot continue like this. At first, I thought with the twins, things would get better but it got worse. I thought if I kept my cool and let you batter me like a rag doll, you might vent your anger out then you will go back to the Jidofor I fell in love with…”

Jidofor: “please! Please don’t bring love into this. Where was your love when you opened your legs for that beast? Where was your love ehn?” he shouted.

Augustine flinched and moved towards his mother.

Mabel: “you think I wanted that? You fool! You big fool! You have no idea, do you?” she asked, tears gathering in her eyes.

Chichi rolled her wheelchair into the sitting room and stopped to stare between her father and mother. Jerome came out, cleaning his eyes, obviously just waking up from sleep.

Jidofor: “is there something, I am supposed to know that I don’t know?” he asked.

Mabel: “never mind Jidofor. I am tired and worn out. I cannot continue pretending that it is okay to be beaten before my children.” She replied, getting up from the chair she was seated.

Jidofor caught her arm and turned her to him;

Jidofor: “what are you not telling me, Mabel?” he asked again, his voice soft.

Mabel: “you’re hurting me Jidofor, please let me go.” She said.

Chichi: “papa, please stop… please.” She said, tears gathering in her eyes. She knew where this was going.

Jidofor: “it is okay, I just want to know what I obviously have been ignorant of. Tell me Mabel, what is this thing that I don’t know about.” He asked.

Mabel: “there’s nothing to tell. I simply meant you don’t know how much you are hurting me with your actions and your words. Please you are hurting my arm.” She replied.

Jidofor looked at her and nodded, then he let go of her arm. He turned away and Mabel breathed a sigh of relief; she did not see his hand return back with brutal force. The next thing she knew, she flying into the chair she just vacated. Her ears were ringing but she could hear someone screaming and someone crying. She tried to sit up and tell them, that she was fine but she couldn’t move her hands. her ears popped as if she had been under water;

Chichi: “you have killed her! You have killed her!” she was crying.

Jidofor: “by the time I am done with her, she will wish she died. Mabel, what is this thing that I do not know about?” he asked, coming to stand over her.

Mabel stared at him from where she laid. She licked her lips and tried to speak but the words were stuck in her throat. She coughed and tried to clear her throat. She begged Jidofor with her eyes but he was too angry to care. Chichi was crying, her face was swollen and red.

Jidofor bent and carried her up and sat on the chair. She still could not lift her right hand. She realised that she had probably broken it or something but she wasn’t feeling anything;

Jidofor: “Mabel, tell me what is this thing?” he asked, his voice pleading.

Mabel looked at him sadly. She had thought she was protecting him then; she didn’t know she was dooming herself.

Mabel: “you remember that money you stole to build the house in the village? The money you stole from your former company’s account?” she asked.

Jidofor: “how did you… he knew? But, if he knew… I don’t understand?” he said, a puzzled frown on his face.

Mabel: “he knew but he wanted something much more than he wanted you arrested.” she replied, softly.

Jidofor looked at her in confusion, then his eyes cleared. He staggered back as if he was in pain;

Mabel: “yes… my darling husband. I fucked Chief Okoronkwo to save you from being arrested. I did what I did to protect someone I loved but look at it now. Just look at me?” she said and burst into tears. “Jidofor I curse you. I curse all you men… all of you!” she screamed from where she laid.

Jidofor stared at her in shock, then he roared in anger. He got up and ran out of the house.


Chidera found Alero in her room in the servant’s quarters. She knocked and entered the room. She noted that the room was quite neatly arranged. Alero got up as soon as she entered. Chidera noticed that she had been crying.

Chidera: “you love him, don’t you?” she asked.

Alero moved to a shelf by her bed and started arranging the little ceramic figurines on it. Chidera sighed; she had made a mess of things.

Chidera: “when I heard he was sleeping with his maid, I thought you were after his money. I judged you wrongly; I am sorry.” She said.

Alero: “do you want anything ma?” she asked.

Chidera: “I need help in getting that slut’s clutches out of my father’s body. Please can you help me?” she asked.

Alero: “madam, you dey mistake o. I am not interested in what my boss does with his body o. I am not a member of the family; just an ordinary servant.” She replied.

The door burst open and Andick entered sweating;

Alero: “Dave! What are you doing here?” she asked, surprised.

Chidera: “what are you doing here, fool?” she asked.

Andick: “there’s trouble o. there’s a man at the gate with a cutlass o. he is demanding to see your father.” He said.

Alero and Chidera jumped together and ran outside with Andick.


Mabel had gotten up from the chair and she was dialing her doctor when somebody knocked on the door. The house became still as they all felt that JIdofor had returned. Mabel walked to the door and stood still. She debated on opening the door without arming herself, then she shook her head;

Mabel: “who is it?” she asked.

A voice replied her and she turned to her children;

Mabel: “go into your room and Jerome, straighten that chair.” She said. When she was satisfied at the children’s effort at creating a peaceful and well ordered home, she adjusted herself and walked to the door and opened it;

A woman stood in the darkness; then she stepped into the light;

Woman: “good evening madam. I believe you and I have something to talk about.” She said smiling.

Mabel didn’t see her smile. All she saw was the gun in her hand.

Question: You can imagine the rubbish; so Jidofor has been punishing Mabel for what is actually his fault? But Chief Okoronkwo sef… Who do you think has come to visit Mabel and her family?

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  1. It was Leticia who has come to visit Chichi’s mum. Chief is really an heartless man, he cannot even control that thing he called Manhood. I just hope Jidiofor will not do something stupid dat will land him in serious trouble oooo

  2. Jeeez…. Leticia wants to injure Mabel and her kids?.. jidiofor is a fool. Chief okoronkwo can’t take his off anything in skirt, datz his problem.

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