(Episode 14) Lovertainment – Turning heads Story!

(Episode 14) Lovertainment - Turning heads Story!

Mabel stepped back raising her hands up. She watched the woman as she entered her home.

Leticia: “we meet again. Where is Jidofor?” she asked.

Mabel: “you? What do you want?” she asked, fearfully.

Leticia: “I just want Jidofor, then I am done.” She replied, waving the gun about.

Mabel: “oh… you can have him; all of him. I am done.” She said, stepping away from the gun

Leticia looked at her suspiciously. She moved to the door leading into the rooms. Mabel quickly rushed to block her progress.

Mabel: “Jidofor is not at home. I don’t know where he went to?” she said. Her voice was shaking. She didn’t want this clearly mentally unstable woman to get anywhere near her children.

Leticia: “see I will shoot you o. nothing can stop Jidofor from being mine. You better step out of the way. Jidofor! Jidofor!! Your darling is here; your sugar cream is here. Come and get this ugly camel out of my way before I find reason to enhance her ugliness.” She said aloud.

Mabel: “he is not here madam. If he was, will he be hiding here? See my hand, we just had a fight and he ran out of the house angrily.” She replied, trying to pass some sense to the woman.

Leticia looked at her and noticed her face; she had been crying, she could see. “Maybe she is telling the truth.” She thought to go, then she heard the sound of bed shifting. She turned to Mabel and came back;

Leticia: “move away, I want to see what made that sound.” She said, waving the gun at Mabel.

Mabel: “it is nothing.” she replied. At that moment, Jerome came out from the bedroom. He was crying and had clearly been in a fight.

Leticia: “kids… he has kids? I am his wife, I am the one to bear him children not you!” she said, then she jumped at Jerome.

Mabel quickly dragged Jerome behind her and stood before the woman. Leticia cocked the gun and pointed it at Mabel. Her finger shook on the trigger as she licked her lips. Mabel felt resigned. “Maybe if i died, she would find a better place. But what about my children? Who will care for them?” she thought to herself.

Leticia squeezed the trigger.


Jidofor hit the gate again and again, uncaring about the threats the gateman was making behind it;

Jidofor: “Okoronkwo come out; blackmailer and rapist! Come out! If you are truly a man, come out!” he shouted.

Chidera arrived at the gate and asked the gateman what was going on. The man explained to her. by now, the servants and some of the children were all coming out to the space before the gate. Some whispered angrily that the gate should be opened and the man dealt with.

Chidera: “shut up all of you? Do you know if he has a gun? Where is my phone? Somebody should call the police.” She said.

The children started asking each other for the police emergency number. Chidera rolled her eyes in irritation. Andick chuckled;

Andick: “when you live in a country where the police cannot be trusted, what do you expect?” he asked.

Alero looked him up and down; “he seems so confident and relaxed; as if he is a member of the family.”  She thought to herself.

Chidera: “darling, please shut up and please get me my phone. It is on one of the stools in the main sitting room.” she said.

Alero’s eyes widened in surprise; Andick noticed and shrugged smiling;

Andick: “yeah it looks bad, doesn’t it; a classy guy like me married to her, right?” he asked.

Chidera: “Andick!” she shouted. Andick raised his hands and ran off.

Jidofor was still shouting, hitting the cutlass on the gate. People living in houses around peered through their window at the disturbance. The gateman told him that they had called the police.

Jidofor: “let them come. Okoronkwo destroyed my life. We will die today.” He screamed.

Chidera: “oga this thing you are doing helps no one. Why don’t you calm down then we can all talk like adults. We don’t need all this noise and threats now. You are an educated man, are you not? Please behave like one.” She said.

She listened but Jidofor’s voice had quieted down. Then she heard him; he was crying. She sighed and told the gateman to open the gate for her but he refused. He said he will only open it if his boss said so;

“Where is father sef? In all this noise, he is not even here and he is the reason why the man is here…” she thought.

Chidera: “I am coming.” She said and left the gate.


Chief Okoronkwo surged deep into Amy’s cookie. Her legs were wrapped around his waist and he had placed a pillow under her waist to raise arch her back properly. Amy moaned as she could feel his JT hit the bottom of her wet cookie. She cried out as she came.

Okoronkwo was not done; he bent her legs to backwards until her knees were placed beside her ears. He pressed the legs to the bed then he penetrated her. He slammed into her fast and hard. Air fled Amy’s lungs. She could do nothing but close her eyes and hold on to his arms for her life. he pounded into her faster and faster until her cookie was making sounds like farts and wet slurping. She was close, he knew, so he penetrated deep again and ground his hips against hers in a circular motion. Amy groaned and scratched his back with her fake nails as she came hard, again.

Okoronkwo raised his head and stared at her. Amy was breathing through her mouth and her body still shook with the aftermath of the incredible orgasm she just had.

Okoronkwo: “get up, let me give it to you, just the way you like it.” He said.

Amy obediently got up and knelt before him. Okoronkwo dipped his fingers into her and fingered her, then he bent down and licked her clit. Amy jerked as her clit was still sensitive. He sucked on her labia until it was shiny with his spit, then he inserted his JT into her again and started to bang her hard. All Amy could do was cry as she came again and again; farting smelly farts all over the place; her heavy buttocks jiggling in reaction to the force of Okoronkwo’s penetration.

Okoronkwo: “so will you marry me?” he asked as he slammed into her again and again.

Amy: “yes.. ye..e..e..e..s…” she replied, or tried to as she shook to another earth shattering orgasm.

The door opened and Okoronkwo turned to see Chidera enter the room angrily, when she saw them, she quickly turned away to face the door;

Chidera: “while you are here, romping like a pup just unleashed, there’s a man looking for you at the gate and he has a machete with him.” she said.

Chief Okoronkwo: “is that why you barged into my room without knocking.” He asked angrily.

Chidera: “I knocked.” She said, turning back to the door; “he said you blackmailed his wife and fucked her.” she added

The anger boiled on Okoronkwo’s face and his JT immediately went flaccid.


The gun clicks but no shot is fired. Mabel immediately dove into Leticia and struggled with her for the gun. Leticia hit her injured arm and she screamed. She turned and pulled at Leticia’s arm, trying to dislodge the gun from her hand but Leticia was bigger than her and she was injured. She knew she could not win this match. She grabbed the gun in Leticia’s hand and bent to bite her hands off.

Leticia kicked her feet and both of them fell to the floor. The gun fell off Leticia’s hand and rolled to the side. Leticia grabbed Mabel’s hair and slammed it to the floor. Mabel pushed her fingers into Leticia’s eyes and she screamed. Both of them grabbed each other at the throat and rolled over again and again. Leticia’s hand touched the leg of a stool, she lifted it and… the gun banged inside the sitting room. The stool fell to the floor, blood pooled and someone screamed.

Question: who has been shot? Do you think Jidofor was right to go to Chief Okoronkwo’s house?

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  1. Jerome shot his twin brother its not proper for Jidofor to go to chief Okoropnkwo’s house because he was the cause of the problem his facing and also he didn’t have anything to fight chief, chief has money and power

  2. Leticia has been shot.
    Jidofor is a fool, he should have stayed behind to make amend with Mabel first, before thinking of the next step

  3. Either Jerome or one of d children shot d gun n d person down wit d gun should b Leticia. Jidofor should v sort tinz out first wit Mabel.

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