(Episode 15) Lovertainment – Turning heads Story!

Chief Okoronkwo stood up from the bed and quietly got dressed. He walked out of the room without a word to Amy. Amy laid on the bed staring at the ceiling. “God, what am I doing? I could win it all or lose everything o? I need to tread carefully here.” She thought to herself. She got up and entered the bathroom.

Chidera who had not gone along with her father returned and stood in the room waiting. She heard the toilet flush and the bathroom door opened. Amy walked out and stopped on seeing Chidera;

Chidera: “I can see that you are quite desperate and smart as well. I know you think you have my father wrapped around your little finger but a word of advice from me; don’t be fooled. He will chew you and spit you out. He has been going through girls or your type and even better since I was six years old. So don’t think you are anything special. For your own good, I advise you to take the first flight out of Nigeria and head back to Ghana. We will act like this never happened; that this was just a holiday trip gone wrong. He will give you some money and you will be done with him for the rest of your life.” she said.

Amy: “you are funny. With your father I will find security and I will never have to work for the rest of my life. We will I leave that for money that will finish anytime?” she asked.

Chidera: “your choice. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. A man is outside right now, looking for my father because he slept with his wife. So if you think you are getting a good deal, good for you.” she said then she left the room.

Amy picked up her phone and called Jonas, as soon as Chidera left. She explained to Jonas what was going on. The guy advised her to stay and not leave until she had gathered as much money as she could.

Amy: “what about the baby?” she asked.

Jonas: “you can claim it is his. After all he has been sleeping with you since now.” He replied.

She nodded her head and ended the call. She turned to see Andick standing behind her;

Andick: “what baby?” he asked.


Chief Okoronkwo told the gateman to open the gate as soon as he got outside. He stood with a shotgun and watched as Jidofor entered the compound with the machete in his hands;

Chief Okoronkwo: “yes, I hear you have been shouting outside my gate for me to come out; I am here now. What is it?” he asked.

Jidofor: “you blackmailed my wife and slept with her without her consent.” He said, his eyes red with the tears he had shed.

Chief Okoronkwo: “who is your wife?” he asked, looking at him curiously. “I have slept with too many women to keep an account of their names, their husband’s names or the number of children they have.” He added.

Alero gasped in surprise. Chidera who was entering the area chuckled and patted Alero on the shoulder;

Chidera: “thank me later.” She said.

Jidofor: “my name is Ejiofor. I used to work as a manager in one of your warehouses.” He replied sadly.

Chief Okoronkwo’s eyes widened insurprise and he burst into laughter. He laughed hard;

Chief Okoronkwo:”the thief… my God you have the guts to come to my house with a machete. You steal my money and you expect me to be sympathetic? How is Mabel by the way? That girl sure knows how to fuck…” he said chuckling.

Alero gasped again and turned to Kachi. It was Kachi’s friend’s father. “God, the world is indeed a small place.” She thought to herself. “To think that I was in love with this kind person? Thank God o.” she raised her hands to the sky.

Jidofor swelled with anger. He screamed and charged at Chief Okoronkwo but the the chief was faster; he raised the gun and swung it as a baton. The gun cracked Jidofor on the head and he fell, bleeding from the wound on his head. The compound went silent;

Chief Okoronkwo: “get this thing out of my house.” He said.

Alero: “You are a beast!” She said.


Chichi’s hand shook as she let the gun fall from her hands to the ground. She screamed as she saw the blood pooling on the tiles. The two women were quiet. She rolled her wheelchair close to the two of them;

Chichi: “mama! Mama, please wake up. Somebody help! Somebody please help!” She said, crying. Jerome came near her and started to cry.

A knock sounded on the door and Chichi rolled the wheelchair to the door. She opened it and saw Kachi and Alero at the door.

Chichi: “please help me. My mother, I shot the gun. This woman… they were fighting… please help me…” she said, disoriented.

Alero quickly rushed to the women and checked them. They were both breathing but their pulses were weak.

Alero: “we need to get them to the hospital quickly. Why are none of your neighbours here? Them no hear them dey fight?” she asked as she brought out her phone and called Chidera. Chidera had rushed Jidofor to the hospital and sent her to inform the wife, which was how she got her number.

Chidera: “have you met her?” she asked then she listened as Alero explained the state she found the Mabel. Chidera told her to find a taxi and start coming but she will still send the driver down.

Alero ran outside and started knocking on the doors of neighbours. The first man didn’t have a car but he helped her beg the next neighbour and they carried Mabel and Leticia into the car and drove to the hospital that Jidofor had been admitted.


Andick: “I asked you a question; what baby are you talking about?” he asked.

Amy: “stop frowning your face my dear. That was why I wanted to see you at the hotel before I left but I could not get the chance. I am pregnant for you.” she said.

Andick burst into laughter then he frowned when he saw that she wasn’t laughing with him;

Andick: “you are serious?” he asked. Amy nodded her head. “so you were pregnant for me and sleeping with my father-in-law! Tufiakwa! you are a gutter rat!” he spat at her.

Amy moved back in surprise at Andick’s anger. then her own anger flared up;

Amy: “what is all this? did we not talk about this before? Did you not agree that it was a good idea to get the chief to want me and after we had enough money, we can both get away from him and your fat ugly wife?” she replied, at the top of her voice.

Andick: “did you tell me you were pregnant for me? you are just a stupid cow. My ugly fat wife has more sense in her head than you with all your beauty.” he replied.

Amy: “I really dont care about your opinions. If you are no longer playing this game then l,eave me alone. my husband-to-be will be here soon.” she replied smugly

Andick turned to the door and licked his lips; “you better get rid of that baby. If you think you are going to get a dime from me, you must be joking. And if my wife finds out about it, you are dead.” He said, gritting through his teeth.

Amy: “you don’t have to worry. I have my own plans and they don’t include you. I have met a better man, who will take care of me and my baby.” She replied, smiling.

Chief Okoronkwo: “and you think I am that stupid abi? You all think that because I am old, I am also a dunce abi?” he asked entering the room.

Question: Does Amy still have a shot at being Chief Okoronkwo’s wife? Do you think both Leticia and Mabel will survive the night?

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  1. Amyyyyyyyyyy! But whhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? you really fall my hand mehn.. u no play this game weller. This story is really a turning head tory. Next oooo adelove

  2. hmmm dey all have story to tell after. bt l prayer for Mabel nd his stupid husband to come out of it alive. Amy as fail

  3. This is indeed another Big problem for Army…… she thought she is wise and ply Games for the Smart but I think she just lost everything including her boy-friend Jones. Cuz am sure he won’t stand for her Now.


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