‘It’s difficult to remove PDP members in Buhari’s government’ – Mrs. Lauretta Onochie

A Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Social Media, Mrs. Lauretta Onochie, said yesterday that it would be difficult for President Muhammadu Buhari to remove Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP’s) members serving in his administration, overnight.

She spoke at the 2nd Annual International Conference in Abuja, with the theme: “Focusing on institutions: A panacea for sustainable development”.

The event was organised by the Progressive Solidarity Forum in collaboration with National Orientation Agency.

Onochie corroborated claims by Comptroller-General of Nigeria Customs Services Col. Hammed Ali (retd), who said the change agenda of the Buhari administration had been hijacked by PDP members, who defected to All Progressives Congress (APC).

She said more than 50 per cent of PDP members were in the Buhari government serving in the presidency, judiciary and law enforcement agencies.

According to her, “these people are serving their interest, instead of that of the Buhari administration.”

Onochie said: “That brings me to those who are in this government to serve themselves. Those Col. Ali called PDP. He said there are about 50 per cent of them in this government.

“But I say no, they are more than 50 per cent. They are everywhere. They are in the Presidency, National Assembly. You can find them in the judiciary; they are in the law enforcement agencies.

“They serve their personal interest. They encourage unsuspecting youths, our youths to be their foot soldiers on the social media to abuse and curse people, while their own children are sipping tea in England or America or elsewhere. They are a poor example to our youngsters on the social media.

“You just don’t go and change all the agencies. That is not how it works. If you have to change the whole civil service, the whole police, the whole market women, you change the whole children in school.”

She said Nigerians must fight corruption before it kills the nation.

“Corruption is everywhere. All of us must support the President to kill corruption before it kills our country.

“Our youths are in need of good role models. They were born into corruption,” Onochie said.

The organisation’s Grand Patron and Founder, Dr. Ibrahim Emokpaire, said Nigeria needed a strong institution to fight corruption.

He said the Federal Government should focus on creating a robust and dynamic institution to accelerate development on a sustainable basis.

“Focusing on functioning institutions remains the most pragmatic enduring legacies of the short stint of a progressive party in the governance of Nigeria,” Emokpaire said.


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