Checkout the new Lekki toll gate fee…

Change in Toll tariff in Lekki from November 8th, 2107. Do you think this is fair? Imagine paying N400 for an SUV to and fro that’s N800 everyday. I think that is ridiculous. Nigeria will be increasing tariffs, fuel prices and everyone’s salary will still remain the same. Imagine?


With these new prices, Saloon car owners who usually pay N120 at the Admiralty toll gate will now pay N200. At the Link bridge toll gate, they will pay N300 instead of N250

SUVs will now pay N250 against the previous N150 at Admiralty toll gate and N400 at the Link Bridge, which used to be N300.

What do you think guys?



  1. This is pure madness…………this govt cares little or nothing, how can they be so insensitive. its sad and i hope people will rise up to twart this madness.

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