(Episode 1) Middle of Nowhere … A Wavy Story!

(Episode 1) Middle of Nowhere ... A Wavy Story!

The love affair began to fall apart that Friday night at Crest bar in Ikeja, Lagos, where Judith performed cover songs every night. It was her way to make ends meet. She loved singing, and wanted to become a famous musician, and performing at the bar would be a great way to gather up the fans, she thought. She didn’t think wrong. Many of the visitors at the bar loved her act. And they cast their attention on her each time she took to stage. They would clap their hands, stamp their feets and shake their body as she sang.

Crowd: Wooow! Black Beauty, you are Da BOMB!!! They chorused

Judith: Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! She bowed

Judith was 24 at that time. Slim, tall, dark in complexion and had braided hair. Her stage name was coined from her complexion and looks, “Black Beauty”. She was beautiful, with all front and back assets, which men found very attractive. They would flock about her, making promises upon promises, all to win her heart and eat from the good fruits they saw, but none of them could win her over. She carried herself to be a lady of high standards, and none of them was good enough to her. Except for Benjamin.

Benjamin was a 27 year old banker. He was tall, with a bald head, side beards and a ruggedly handsome face. Had a chocolate skin colour. He was fondly called Ben.

That night, at crest bar, Judith was on stage performing Simi’s Joromy. Ben was seating at a table for two. Judith was supposed to join him after she was done with her performance. As usual, the people raised their voices as she thrilled them with the song. Ben was impressed.

Ben: I love you Babe! My roboskeske. He confessed in low tone.

The way she moved on stage, swayed her hips and gave life to the beats, made him think she was the best thing that would ever happen to him. He loved what he saw. He knew very well that he was her Joromy.

Suddenly, sounds of praises began to raise from behind the bar. They followed a different tune from the ones due to Judith on stage. Obviously, they weren’t for Judith. A popular rapper named Mr. Phriz had just walked him. He was one of the richest musicians in Nigeria. He was known both locally and internationally, had multiple awards to his name and music, and had already done a number of collabos with popular European and American musicians. He was a big shot. The boys hailed because they knew for sure that he was going to sponsor their bottles.

Boys: All hail the King! The king of Music is here

Mr Phriz: Hey Guys! What’s up? You guys chillin’ chillin’???

Boys: Omo Baba Olowo.. we dey oo. God gatz us jare.. Abeg settle our Bottles ooo

Mr. Phriz began his career there in Crest bar when it was first opened seven years earlier. He would perform freestyle rap there three times every week. The people loved his art. But he had to travel abroad to further his studies, and it was there he began his career in music full time. This night at Crest bar was his first visit to the place in four years.

“Mr. Phriz! Phriz! Phriz!” They screamed again from as he stood before them.

Ben, who was sitting closer to the stage, looked behind him to confirm if it was truly the Mr Phriz, and he saw that it was. He was amazed to see that it was actually the popular rapper and his crew. But, he didn’t leave his seat, as he quickly returned his attention to Judith on stage.

Judith could see they were hailing a superstar from behind, and she noticed the attention of some of the audience had been shifted to someone else. But she did not stop anyway. She kept on performing, and even added more swag to her steps. Soon, she finished her act, and was awarded with a sounding round of applause from the audience. She could tell they loved the performance. She bowed and she left the stage, straight to the table Benjamin sat with a bundle of excitement written all over the smile on her face.

Immediately, the emcee took to stage;

MC: “Thanks, Black Beauty for that beautiful performance. Let me come and be your Joromy na?” He spoke as she walked away from the stage.

The people laughed.

Judith: “No. But you can be my house boy.” She replied, laughing, as she walked away.

MC: “House boy fit hold the waist. Ewo!” He said, and immediately pinned his mouth.

There was laughter in the room.

MC: “I dey come, make I first announce somebody. After, I go come toast you. Forget your guy. You must make me Joromy this night. Just because say goalkeeper dey for football, noh mean say person no for score.” He turned to crowd and asked, “abi I lie?”

“Nooo!” Some screamed.

Guy 1: “Her guy go do you strong thing ooo!” A guy from the crowd cried out.

Guy2: “Baba, na friendzone for you o!” A last guy shouted from behind.

The people laughed.

MC: “Bros, na wetin all the girls when you done toast done do you na you dey confess, shey? No worry, we go put you for prayer. One must say yes this year.” He teased the man who spoke last.

The people laughed.

MC: “Anyway, while Black Beauty was doing her thing, a very important guy walked into the bar. He started from here. He’s been out of the country for a long time, and has been repping Nigeria and the whole of Africa very well… He’s a multiple awards holder, rapper, producer and what have you. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for MR PHRIZ!!!” He stressed the last part.

The crowd went wild. The Rapper waved and threw blowing kisses to the people from where he sat.

By this time, Judith had already reached her seat.

Ben: “Lovely, Judy! Can’t wait for you to blow like Beyonce o!” Said Ben, as he tried to praise her.

Judith: “Haha, thanks love. I can’t wait for that too.” She said hurriedly, as though she was not concerned about the praises for now. Then she continued, “that’s Mr. Phriz o!” She said, pointing her finger to the table the rapper was seated. He was attending to those taking selfies with him, and was listening to the seemingly praises from those around him.

Ben: “I know. That guy just blow like that. And he started here.” Ben replied.

Judith: “Yes. But his money and charisma helped him a lot. I admire the guy. Not just because he’s successful. He’s really talented and humble. Unlike the ones that we have here that are raising their shoulders like what I don’t know. If it was one of the local musicians, they probably would have had security agents surrounding him by now.”

Ben: “Yeah, it’s in him. Personally, he’s my favorite rapper right now. I mean, worldwide. The guy is just too good all round. And he’s a producer too. I’ll advise you meet him to tell him you dream of becoming a big shot someday too. I’m sure he’ll give one or two useful advice.”

Judith: “Abeg, who advise help? What I need is a recording contract. Not advise.”

Ben: “Never can tell, my dear. One word of his could be the information you have always wanted to take you to higher heights.”

Judith: “I don’t need one word. I need a contract.”

They were still talking when the owner of Crest bar walked in from the door to greet Phriz. He took a seat with the wrapper, and they started to talk.

Shortly after, Kunle, Crest bar’s owner, and Phriz were seen walking towards Judith’s and Ben’s table. The couple put a surprising look on their face, as they saw the star approaching them.

Kunle: “Judith. Phriz liked your act very much.” Kunle said to Judith, smiling in excitement.

Judith was overwhelmed and short of words.

Judith: “Thank you.” She finally let out.

Kunle smiled and looked at Phriz like he was suggesting that Phriz said something to her.

Mr Phriz: “Your performance was just as beautiful as you.” Mr. Phriz said, bringing his hand forward for a handshake. “Call me Lawal, Judith. I would really love to do music with you.” He smiled when he finished the words.

Ben was excited. He knew this would skyrocket Judith’s career. But little did he know that it was the start of the end of his love affair.

Judith smiled, and took the handshake. This was the start of many things to come.

Question: What do you expect about happening in this interesting Story? 

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  1. Judith will drop Ben for Lawal, which she would later regret as he’ll later break her heart. She might succeed in her career but will look for ways to get back to Ben, her true love

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