(Episode 4) Middle of Nowhere … A Wavy Story!

(Episode 4) Middle of Nowhere ... A Wavy Story!

It was now seven twenty-six in the night. There was a knock at Ben’s door. It was Funke. Ben got up to attend to the knock. He opened the door to let her in.

Ben: “Hey, baby. What’s up?” Ben greeted Funke as she entered the living room through the door.

Funke: “Hi hi. All is good. You’re looking fresh. Are you sure you have been busy with work, or with other things on skirt? You bad boy.” She said, and winked at him.

Ben laughed.

Ben: “I really have been busy with work. I have to get new clients for my bank, and those businessmen are not smiling at all… I will have to work extra had to close even a small deal…”

Funke: “Story, story…”

They sat on Ben’s sofa.

Ben: “It’s true na.”

Funke: “What’s good? What movie is this?” She looked at the pictures moving on the TV screen.

Ben: “It’s Suits. A season film. Very interesting.”

Funke: “Suits. I have heard of it. It’s about Law, right?”

Ben: “Yah. You should be watching it. It’s cool. It would teach you a lot.”

Funke: “Abeg e. Make these law people dey go. I applied for Law and they offered me English and Literature instead. I’ll just be having bad memories if I start following the series.”

Ben: “Hahaha. You still haven’t forgiven them. Forgive them and graduate. At least you won’t be spending five years in school, and one extra year in law school.”

Funke: “Ehn. That’s the good thing. Let them go. I don’t want again. So, what do you have for me na.” She said and drew closer to Ben.

Ben: You care for drinks?

After some quick pre-gaming with shots of vodka, and a mixed drink or two, Funke was ready for the game. She was high and bold

Ben smiled. He ran his eyes threw her body. She was putting on a pair of tight blue-jean trousers, and a T-shirt. He had on a pair of shorts and a singlet.

She began to caress his chin with her fingers.

Funke: “I have really missed you.” She said.

Ben: “And I have missed you too.” Ben replied.

Funke: I feel like dancing. You wanna dance?

Ben: Sure! Why not?

Funke: You can play some music. Let’s dance Babe.

Funke felt like dancing, felt rather bold with all of the alcohol in her system , she tapped Ben on the shoulder.

Funke: “Are you sure you want to dance?” She said, as she leaned up and put her lips close to his ear, her hand resting on Ben’s tattoo’d, muscular arm.

Ben looked around as if she could have been asking someone else.

Ben: “Me?” He asked with a little shock in his voice.

Funke: “Yes, you,” She replied with a smile on her face. “You bad boy, that’s one major reason I keep missing you”. Never a dull moment with you. Come here babe! Let’s dance”

Ben answered Funke by setting his drink down, grabbing her hand, and leading her to the dance floor. They both laughed and danced and kissed like they were back together as soul-friends. Funke played with his long, thick, dark hair, looked at his gorgeous hazel eyes, and he gently, and curiously, explored her body with his hands.

Few moments later, Funke started to guide Ben’s hands more forcefully, giving him permission to explore. Ben took full advantage of the opportunity, grabbing her ass, sliding his hands along her bare thighs, and running his hands through her hair and along her neck.

They both fixed their gaze into each other’s eyes. Ben moved his head closer to hers with the intention of kissing her. She closed her eyes, making herself available for the kiss. Their lips met. He placed his hand on her thigh and rubbed it, then he slid it down in between the thighs. He moved his hand up, to her zipper and unzipped it. She fell backwards, laying her back on the sofa. Ben followed, their lips still locked. He slid her trousers down her waist, to expose her underwear.

There was a break, suddenly. Their lips unlocked. They both opened their eyes. She whispered softly into his ear, “bad boy”. He took off her t-shirt, and they resumed, burying themselves in the heat of the moment.


It was now about nine that Monday night. The Red Studios crew were having a swell time at the Goose Club in Lekki. The place was wild. There Judith met with some popular actors and musicians. DJ Henry kept downing bottles of beer. He didn’t seem to have a limit.

There was dancing, and lots of drinking, screaming, as one hit track was played after another.

The Red Studio crew sat on a spot in the VIP lounge, playing card game, screaming for the winner, as one emerged after another. DJ Henry was the top winner for the night.

Mr. Phriz just had with him a glass cup containing Hennessy. He wasn’t drinking too much like DJ Henry and the rest. Only he and Judith weren’t high, or close to it. Judith, however, had only taken a bottle of Malt earlier. She wanted to be modest.

Phiz: “Hope you’re enjoying yourself, Ju.” Phiz said to Judith. He had began to call her Ju in order to get friendly with her.

Judith: “Yes. The boys are funny. I like the place. Thanks for the treat.”

Phiz: So, how far na?

Judith: How far about what?

Question: How far ke? I hope it’s not what i’m thinking sha?

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  1. Cant stop laughing o..not too far jere. Well, its likely about her career sha cus is still early to make love attempt since he is aware she has someone already.

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