(Episode 14) Middle of Nowhere … A Wavy Story!

(Episode 14) Middle of Nowhere ... A Wavy Story!

Phriz had quickly put Judith back on the bed. Ben dashed into the room, holding the knife, set to stab Phriz with it. Phriz saw him coming and held his hand holding the knife. Ben gave Phriz a nod on the face. Phriz fell back. He raised the knife up again to stab the rapper, but he dodged, and gave Ben a blow in the belly. Ben fell back, dropping the knife on the ground. Phriz quickly kicked the knife under the bed.

Judith: “Stop… Stop!” Judith cried out softly. But the men did not listen.

Ben dashed at him again, launching a blow, which landed on Lawal’s shoulder. Lawal replied with a blow that hit Ben on his face. They both wrestled. Ben headbutted Phriz, making the both of them fall on Judith lying on the bed.

Judith gave out a shout. The men continued to fight.

Suddenly, Judith began to gasp for breath. She wasn’t breathing well. The sound drew both their attention towards her, and Ben ran straight to her and began to shake her. Lawal didn’t move at first, he just watched.

Ben: “Judith! Judith!” He screamed.

Lawal suddenly reached for the knife under the bed. Ben saw him raise it up. Fear gripped him. He thought the rapper was going to kill him with it. But he went over to Judith’s make up table and took out a disinfectant. He quickly treated the knife with it, and told Ben to climb off her body.

Ben: “What are you doing?” Ben asked.

Phriz: “I need to drill a hole in her throat. And intubate her.”

Ben: “What!? We need to take her to the hospital!”

Phriz: “Yes. But this is Lagos! She’s having respiratory collapse from the alcohol! She’ll die before we even get to the closest hospital!”

Ben: “How do you know what you’re doing?”

Phriz: “I was a member of the Red Cross. I learnt first aid. Ben, trust me. We’re losing time, we’re losing her. I’m not going to hurt her!”

Ben looked at her, she was gasping for breath with her eyes wide open. He got off her.

Ben: “How can I help?” Ben asked, panting.

Phriz: “Get me a biro tube. It would serve as a temporary means for air passage.” Phriz directed.

Ben: “Okay, okay… I got a pen here…” Ben said, reaching his hand into his pocket. He took out a Pen and handed it to Phriz.

Phriz: “Thank you. Now please call the hospital emergency number.” Said Phriz.

Ben did as he had said. Phriz began the procedure. Judith laid there, dying.


It was now three weeks after Judith discovered Ben had been cheating on her. Phriz could successfully drill a hole in her throat to enable her breathe well after the attack. She had ended her relationship with Ben, and moved on with her life. Because of the procedure, she had temporarily lost her voice and the recording was put on hold. Phriz took time to check on her as often as he could.

Meanwhile, Ben was having a hard time concentrating with work. He had missed a number of appointments with potential clients for his bank, and even the ones he could meet with, he failed to do well while addressing them. The Manager of his bank noticed this and placed him on a two weeks suspension. The manager understood Ben must have been going through a lot, and only suspended him so that he could take time to clear his head. And also to keep the reputation of the bank in tact. He didn’t want Ben fired because Ben had given them more clients than ever, and getting a replacement for him would be difficult.

Funke, however, went for a pregnancy test and discovered that she was three weeks pregnant. She had gone with Ada, her friend, who did not like Funke’s plan, but wouldn’t advise her to abort the child either. They were both in a cab, heading to the hostel. Ada looked solemn. Funke looked excited.

Funke: “Ada, why put on that sour face? You should be happy for me, I’ll be a mother soon and you’ll be an aunt.”

Ada: “I don’t know what to say to you.”

Funke: “Congratulate me! Be happy for me.”

Ada: “I’m happy for you. I just wish that child grows in a happy environment.”

Funke: “Yes, she will… I hope it’s a girl, though. I’ll be her best friend. I’ll tell her how her father and I met, and how he really loves me.”

Ada: “And you’ll tell her how you seduced him too.”

Funke: “I didn’t seduce him. He called me to come that night, remember? It was what he wanted.”

Ada: “But you deceived him, Funke! Your intention was to tie him with a pregnancy.”

Funke: “You worry too much, Ada. He has broken up with Judith already. I just need to go and tell him I’m carrying his child. No big deal.”

Ada: “Didn’t you tell me he’s devastated by the breakup? What makes you think he will listen to you? What if he throws you out of his place out of anger and deny the pregnancy?”

Funke: “Don’t worry, Ada. He will not. I know Ben.”

As they were still talking, an accident occurred just in front of them. So their cab driver suddenly hit the break. The girls fell forward in the vehicle. Ada had hit her head on something, and it made her bleed. They both sat up right, though in pain. Funke helped her friend hold her head.

Funke: “Are you alright?” Funke asked.

Ada: “Yes, I’m fine. Just a small cut.” Ada said, holding her head with blood dripping from the spot of the injury.

The Cab driver pleaded with them and began to explain that the accident that had occurred just ahead of him was the reason he had to hit the break, when suddenly a jeep moving in high speed hit their vehicle from behind, throwing them all again. Meanwhile, the fuel tank of the vehicle had been exposed and fuel began to drip. In no time, a mysterious spark occurred, and the petrol tank exploded. The surrounding cars were affected as well. The accident led many injured, and some dead. What was left of Ada and Funke were their bodies, which were burnt beyond recognition.

Question: Is Funke truly dead? Will Phriz still be interested in Judith after she lost her voice over the incident?

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  1. If phriz truly loves her,he wouldn’t leave her even if acid bathed her,Am not sure Ada nd Funke will die oooooooo.

  2. This is kinda twisted right now. i think phriz will still be interested in judith because he is aware of all that happened….

  3. Yes…. Phriz is still interested with judith and might help her regain her voice… As for funke and Ada, letz wait and see.

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