Who is the pastor that placed a curse on Daddy Freeze? (Watch Video)

Daddy Freeze has taken to his Instagram page to call out a pastor who according to him, he worshiped with for more than eleven years and paid tithe to.

Video: Who is the pastor that placed a curse on Daddy Freeze?

Accoding to the leader of the free the sheep movement, the said pastor cursed him all because he questioned him about tithes – according to Freeze, he asked the pastor to show him in the Bible where it states that the first disciples collected tithes.

This, Daddy Freeze says caused the pastor to place a curse on him, saying he gives him 24 months to live – Freeze then took to his IG page to renounce the curse and even forgave the said pastor.

In a video he shared, he said:

Hi guys, I’m Daddy Freeze, convener of the Free The Sheeple movement and leader of the free nation in Christ. I greet you and I bring glad tidings.

It was brought to my attention today, that a pastor, whose church I attended for more than eleven years, a man who was entrusted with teaching me the word… cursed me.

He said he gives me 24 months to see my end, I reject it! Why? Because I dared ask him to show us where in the Bible the disciples, who are our first pastors and Daddy G.Os, collected tithes.

This was a man unto whom I entrusted my tithes for eleven years, my offerings, I contributed to the builing of his current temple and then he curses me, I reject it!… and I forgive him… and I hand him over to my God who sent me on this mission, God bless you.

He captioned the video:

Its heartbreaking to see that the very people entrusted with our salvation, curse us with damnation!

It clearly shows us that the Christianity he teaches is rooted firmly in his monetary gain.

I hereby REJECT any curse put upon me by this man! That curse will not come upon my children or anyone who is dear to me neither will it be the portion of any of the members of the #FreeTheSheeple movement or their loved ones.

I hand him over to the almighty God, creator of heaven and earth!~FRZ –




  1. For goodness sake, how on earth can a human being be so egocentric as to go about placing a curse on someone for merely holding and expressing a differnt opinion to his and his likes on religious matters
    This goes to show how some deluded Africans so called pastors ignorantly believe they are equal to God

  2. Ask God to defend Himself concerning His Kingdom demands and convict and convert all Saul(Paul) and Mary magdalene on the pulpits to pews.
    It is end time injury reaction warning to all hireling Judas.

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