(Episode 7) Destiny has two ways of crushing us … An Inspired Story!

(Episode 7) Destiny has two ways of crushing us ... An Inspired Story!

When Ella and Jessica saw Segun and Micheal, Laura heart melted because seeing her crush in the company of Segun meant today will be a very good day.

Ella was beginning to feel uncomfortable and asked her friend Jessica to help her with a glass of water. While the two boys approached them.

Ella: Jessica, abeg can I have a glass of water? I feel thirsty.

Jessica: sure, you guys should make yourself at home. Let me go get more glasses and a glass of water for Ella. She said as she walked away.

Segun and Micheal, noticing that Laura is beginning to get drunk wanted her to stop drinking but she refused for she felt ontop of the world.

Laura: Wow! I so love this she said. She turned to go put on the Music but was stopped by Micheal.

Micheal: Laura Baby, see as you just full everywhere. How you dey na? He said, moving too close to her to have a feel of what he came for.

Segun: hello Ella, how are you doing? Can we talk privately please?

Ella: sure but please let me go and get a glass of water. I don’t know why Jessica is not here yet and excused herself.

Jessica heard her name and quickly cork the bottle of coke she brought for Ella, as she turned around, she saw Ella looking at her suspiciously.

Ella: what are you doing here? i have been calling you for sometime now. Why are you holding a bottle of coke when I told you I needed a glass of water?

Jessica: You come my home come think say I go give you water drink abi? Take this coke abeg. She handed the coke over to Ella who didn’t hesitate to uncork it and took a gulp for she was very thirsty.


Few days later, Mr Ayden noticed that his wife was looking pale, not up and doing like her usual self. Always feeling tired, hungry and sleepy, he decided to ask if all was well with her.

Mr Ayden: Darling, are you alright. You have not been your usual self for a couple of days. What is wrong?

Mrs. Ayden: I feel different lately. Always tired and weak. I thought maybe it’s the stress from work but it seems not to be so.

Mr Ayden: Why don’t you go to the hospital for checkup?

Mrs. Ayden: I thought of that but I can’t right now especially when my nursery needs me and I can’t leave Diamond all alone at home.

Mr Ayden: why can’t you leave her alone with her uncle?  You do know that I will be leaving to Port Harcourt tomorrow right? Get dressed lets go to the hospital right now. Am not ready for this your silly excuses.

He ordered and Mrs Ayden did as she was told. Off they went to Sidiki Hospital.

In the Hospital, they were attended to by Doc. Shola their long time family doctor. A series of test was conducted on her and it was discovered that Mrs. Ayden is 3 weeks pregnant. Mr. Shola requested she be admitted and observed for a few days to see if her condition will improve because she was very weak and her pulse was very low.

Doc.Shola: Thank God you brought her here when you did else, it would have been a different story all together considering that she is pregnant.

Mr Ayden: Yes Doctor, thank God I did. Am so happy about the news wouldn’t want anything to happen to my child and wife.

Doc.Shola: Don’t worry; she is in a safe hand. We were able to sedate her. Am sorry you won’t be going home with her tonight, she will have to stay here for a few days for proper observation.by the way, she kept demanding for Diamond. Where is Diamond?

Mr Ayden: oh my daughter! She should be home by now. I called my brother to pick her up from school and also told him we may not be coming home tonight considering the situation at hand. But doctor, for how long will she be staying?

Doc.Shola: it depends if she is responds to treatment. Let’s say two to Three days Max.

Mr Ayden:  okay then. If that is the case I think I will go home today and get some of the things she will need.

Doc.Shola: there is no point staying for the night. You can come back tomorrow and check up on her. She won’t need you tonight.

Mr Ayden: if you say so. He stood up, shook his hands and went home.

Mr Ayden arrived home few minutes later very excited. Opened the door to his house and saw his brother in the kitchen getting dinner ready for his daughter. He quickly went to him and gave him the news. After that he asked of his daughter Diamond and was told she is in her room doing her assignment.

Mr. Ayden ran upstairs calling after his daughter. Diamond! Diamond!

Diamond on hearing her dad’s voice left what she was doing, went downstairs to meet him. They both stood by the stairs when Mr Ayden Hugged his daughter and gave her the good news that she will be having a sibling very soon.

Diamond: Dad, will she be a girl or a boy? Are we going to go to school together? Will she like my teddy bear?

Mr. Ayden : filled with so much love towards his daughter said ‘yes’. She will do anything and everything you want.

Diamond: Can I go and see Mom tomorrow? Uncle Emeka said Mom is sick.

Mr. Ayden: Mom is not sick. She just needs some rest and she will be coming back a day after tomorrow. You can’t go and see her because you have to go to school; Uncle Emeka will be the one to take care of you till Mum comes home.

Diamond: Where will you be dad?

Mr.Ayden: I will be with Mom till she recovers.

Diamond: but I don’t like staying alone with Uncle Emeka?

Mr. Ayden: why don’t you want Uncle Emeka to take care of you?

Diamond: Because he is a bad person. I don’t want to stay with him.

Mr. Ayden: What did your Uncle do to you for you to call him a bad person?

Immediately, Emeka interrupted and said, don’t mind her, because I didn’t buy her the type of candy she likes so much that is why she is saying am a bad person.

Mr Ayden: Listen Diamond, you can’t always get what you want in life not because you can’t have it but because maybe it is not good for you at the moment and that doesn’t mean you get  to call someone a bad person understood?

Diamond: but Dad!

He interrupted, don’t daddy me, go eat your dinner while I get some rest for tomorrow will be a busy day. He dismissed Diamond.

Emeka stared at Diamond from the dinning, smiled at her ‘for Tomorrow even Daddy will not be there to save her’ he thought.

Questions: What would you do to Emeka if you found out as Diamond’s Parent?  Is Ella safe with that drink?

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  1. Ella is plain stupid.
    When she has see that Jessie is all out to weaken her guard for her to be slept with, she still collected drink from her . I hope her future won’t be destroyed by it.
    Emeka needs to be thrown into prison with rapist to teach him what he’s doing is wrong

  2. God what kind of father will not listen to his child when she insists on speaking to him, he better have a rethink about the girl considering the fact that the mother never wanted the girl to be alone with the so called devil uncle

  3. Emeka is a pervert, if he so much desire a pussy,can’t he go out nd pay 4 one..stupid fellow… Ella shud just act smart here.

  4. That is why when a playful child suddenly becomes quiet n withdrawn from the person she always play with, you as a friend needs to find out what is wrong, not shutting her off simply because the person is family, most of this perverts are family and I don’t know why you as a parent won’t want to believe your child, God help us

  5. Father dey don’t seem to pay much attention to what their children, if it were her mother she would have understood dat something is really wrong. I just pray dat Emeka will not succeed with whatever it is he is planning. I really feel for Diamond.

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