(Episode 8) Destiny has two ways of crushing us … An Inspired Story!

(Episode 8) Destiny has two ways of crushing us ... An Inspired Story!

The previous day, Mr. Ayden woke up early, got himself and Diamond ready for the day, dropped her at school and promise to be home with her later in the evening even though Diamond was against it, there was nothing she could do.

After school, Uncle Emeka picked her up from school and went home. He made lunch and they both ate. He was happy because he had himself and Diamond all alone in the house again. This time around, I am going to be good to her so that she won’t cry. After Lunch, am going to allow her rest a bit before we start from where we stopped the last time. He thought to himself.

Diamond was about to go to her room when the door opened and Mr Ayden Walked in. They didn’t even know when he opened the gate and entered the Compound.

Diamond: Dad! She ran and hugged him. She was so happy seeing her dad like it was her first time. Am glad you are back dad.

Mr.Ayden: Have you eaten? I came to take you to Mom, she wants to see you. She misses you a lot.

Diamond: I miss her too. Let’s go already, am ready.

Mr. Ayden: Turning towards his brother, said thank you, we will be back later in the evening and left.

Uncle Emeka: God! dey send this my brother? Anytime wey I wan do something him go show. Chei, see as i dey hungry for Diamond. Mehn…. If that girl grows up she go sabi give blow job ooo. Wetin I go do now? He thought to himself.


Laura has already drank herself to stupor, she didn’t know what she said or what was happening around her, Micheal decided to use the opportunity to tame his crush

Micheal: Laura Baby! Make we go get ourselves small inside the room na, he carried her and was heading towards the room when he was stopped by Segun who just came out from the restroom.

Segun: Micheal, where are you taking Laura to? Seeing the look on Michael’s face, he added: I will not be a party to this. She is drunk and you better not do anything stupid without her consent.

Micheal: stop all this nonsense wey you dey talk. Na because Ella never gree for you? I go use this opportunity because I no sure say this kind opportunity go present himself again. He turned to go but was stopped by Segun. You can’t do this, he held unto his trouser.

Immediately, Jessica and Ella entered and saw what was happening.

Jessica: Segun, leave Micheal na. She went to the table, dropped the glasses she was holding and continued. You think I called you here to come play saint? Ella here is available to you.

Ella: hearing what Jessica has said quickly added. Jessica, did you drug the coke because am feeling different.

Jessica:I just kept a little dosage inside for you. Listen Ella, I don’t want you to be so uptight in my house. Feel free and Segun allow Micheal go abeg.

Micheal Struggled out of Segun’s hold, went to the room once shared by Naomi and Jide and locked the door behind him.

Micheal seeing that Ella has slupped on the couch carried her gently. Where is the visitors room, she needs to feel comfortable.

Jessica smiled and pointed towards the direction. The first room by your left she said.

Segun: Thank you. He left with the sleeping Ella in his arms.

As soon as he got to the room, he quickly locked the door, placed Ella on the bed, sat by her bedside. He kept looking at her and kept smiling. Oh how beautiful you look when sleeping Ella.

He started reminiscing back on the first time he saw Ella, how he was told she is the best Student in the School, how every move to get her to talk to him proved abortive and now he was all alone with her. He had her to himself and himself alone. He came here to ask her if she would be his girlfriend. How wonderful will it be to ask the best student out?

Segun: I wonder how it will feel like to kiss her, he said to himself. Without thinking about what he was about to do, he bent down and kissed her. He kissed her again and again and soon he became hard.

He quickly removed his shirt, trousers and boxers. Undressed Ella, opened her legs wide apart, looked at her again. Wow Ella! You have a body of a goddess. How tempting your breast is. He sucked on her nipples one after the other, how soft your skin is to my touch he planted a kiss to all parts of her body moving to her pubic area, even your honey pot is inviting .He bent down and sucked her honey pot.

The sound of Ella moaning unconsciously pleasured him the more. Few minutes later, satisfied that she was ready for him, he lubricated her vagina with his saliva and entered her.  He kept thrusting deeper and faster for the pleasure he was having was something he has never felt before. He kept thrusting, squeezing her boobs with his hand and kissing her at the same time. Soon, he was now in the place where there is no going back, and Ah! ah! ahhhhh! He came, spilling his seed inside of her.

He climbed down from her, laid beside her, realizing what he has done few minutes later, started regretting his actions. What have I done? I have done the unimaginable. How could I stoop so low as to take advantage of Ella? Oh my God, please forgive. I really do not know what came over me. He felt disgusted with himself, cleaned himself up and left the room where Ella was.

He saw Jessica in the sitting with her Phone going through adelove stories said to her, Ella is still sleeping. Please what did you put inside her drink?

Jessica:’ Why are you asking? It was a small dosage, didn’t know her head won’t be able to carry it. Is she still sleeping’?

Segun: ‘Yes she is,I will be going now. Just tell her I couldn’t wait till she wakes up. Maybe we will see in school on Monday’. He said without waiting for her reply walked out the door.

Jessica: this one he is going now, is it not Ella you wanted to spend time with. Now that you have her all alone you are going instead of you to wait till she wakes up. Anyway, I don play my part, there won’t be a next time sha because I know say madame holier than thou will chop off my head when she wakes up.

As Jessica was busy soliloquizing to herself, she heard a loud scream coming from the visitors  room, She quickly dropped her phone on the couch ran to Ella, followed by Laura and Jide who were woken  by the scream. As soon as they all got into Ella’s room they saw her crying covered with wrapper which was placed by the side of the bed.

Ella: who did this to me? Who did this to me Jessica she shouted on top of her voice with anger.

Jessica: did what? I don’t understand.

Ella: who raped me while I was unconscious? Who is the beast that defiled me?

It then dawned on Jessica that the reason Segun left earlier was because he has done the unimaginable.

Jessica: oh my God! Ella I am so sorry. I drugged you yes but I didn’t know Segun was going to take advantage of you. I didn’t know he raped you and it was the reason why he left earlier. When you passed out I allowed him take you to this room, I didn’t know he was going to defile you I swear.

Ella:’ Jessica why’? Sobbing.  ‘Segun left after what he did to me abi’?  She wiped her tears looked at Laura and Jide, asked Laura if Jide defied her

Laura: He didn’t, we had consensual sex. Actually, I met him sleeping by my side when I woke up we both wanted it and had it. He never did anything to me while I was sleeping except kiss me.

Ella: ‘Jide, you are even more of a man than Segun. All his acts were just a charade. He is so pretentious that he is the beast himself and I curse him for what he did to me. I curse him this day, he will not to get to see next year except I was not defiled by him and as for you Jessica, give me one good reason why I should not report you to the authorities?  If you had not drugged me I wouldn’t be in this mess. If i wanted it to happen, I would have been alerted and eyes open but instead I was unconscious and he took advantage of that. Jessica, I knew about your wild ways, I wanted to learn a few things from you. The way you did things, why people call you a slay queen but I never wanted to get myself involved with drugs or men taking advantage of me. I guess, this is what I get for wanting to be your friend. Now all of you get out! I said get out!! she screamed.

They all jolted and ran out of the room while Ella was left in the room where she cried her eyes out.

Question: What does fate hold for Ella and Diamond? 

Stay tuned to Episode 9 (You Don’t Wanna Miss This!)..Adelove Stories… Premier Naija Inspirational Blog!

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  1. Yes I saw it coming to Ella. Why will u get fooled just like dat how can u drink d coke. As for uncle Emeka na acid mama D will pour on u. I have learnt alot first know ur child, listen to Dere voice, ask questions. Trust then and be careful

  2. Hmmnn, so sorry for Ella segun is wolf in sheep’s clothing
    @Diamond I pray help will always come for you to escape at every die minute from DAT ur bitchy uncle. Next episode pls

  3. I thought Segun was a guy and he is not going to do anything to her. I just hope she does not get pregnant from dis incident. Bad friends, bad companies. I hope Emeka will never succeed with his evil plan against Diamond. God should continue to rescue her from him.

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