239 Nigerian Migrants return from Libya amidst slave trade crisis (Watch Video)

Last night, Tuesday, 28th November 2017 witnessed the return of 239 Nigerian Migrants including men, women and children from Libya aboard a Libyan Airline flight.

Video:?239 Nigerian Migrants return from Libya amidst slave trade crisis

The Federal Government Of Nigeria in collaboration with IOM (International Organization of Migration) have been working together in facilitating the return of Nigerian Migrants in Libya for over a year now. Many had traveled illegally through the desert trying to reach Italy via Libya before finding themselves in tight situations, thrown into jail for illegal entry or falling into the hands of wrong people and being sold into slavery/prostitution . .

On return to Nigeria, Officials from IOM and federal government agencies – NEMA and NCFRMI (National Commission for Refugees, Migrants and Internally Displaced Persons) were on ground to receive them at the airport.

They were profiled and registered with Food, Accommodation and Financial assistance given to them to support their reintegration back into the society.

This has been the general procedure since last year as over 3,000 Nigerian Migrants have been returned from Libya. And many more would be brought back into the country within the next few weeks.


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