Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo buries Daddy Freeze alive in new video

Pastor Ashimolowo buries Daddy Freeze alive during a recent event at TREM in Lagos. Watch video below:



  1. The choice is yours, following Daddy Freeze OR Adeboye OR the God they’re Serving. As for me and my family, we’ll serve the LORD and follow His precepts including tithing. All others are inconsequential.

  2. It’s not about stereotyping or verbally running other people down or calling someone unprintable names
    It’s about addressing the issue of tithing with relevant quotes from the Bible
    Its not Christian to go about calling other people names for speaking out on what they believe
    Everyone has his or her own weaknesses no matter your professional calling
    After all many pastors have divorced their wives in the past

  3. l think what Pastor Mathew is doing here is uncalled for. This Daddy Freeze of a guy had raised a fundamental issues even with scriptural back ups. Why is everybody now talking against it as if its all about self defense of a thing.
    The issue here is NOT about payment of tithe par see BUT what our so-called Pastors are doing with the Church money as if its a personal belonging, not minding what becomes of the lay church members who are truly and really children of God who the supposed Pastor[s] under obligation should be looking after
    It is like a case of an house help who neglect to take take of the children of his master but is using the master’s resources for his personal affairs alone, forgetting the fact that he is there because of his master’s affairs AND NOT for his own purpose nor of his own affairs.

  4. I totally disagree with Pastor As him Olowo, the body of Christ are not handling this issue seriously. They should reach out to freeze and educate Jim properly if need be or better still ignore. Not sending tantrums it’s unlike Christianity and caution should be exercised

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