‘Let the devil punish this man’ – Dencia blasts Pastor Adeboye for asking members to donate N1bn

The viral video of Pastor Enoch Adeboye asking members to donate One billion Naira for church project has been met with mixed reactions as several Nigerians have criticized to move.

Singer and Beauty entrepreneur, Dencia who is known for being vocal on controversial issues, has now blasted pastor Adeboye under the comment section of the video Freeze posted.




  1. When I remember Mariam the elder brother of Moses and Psalm 105:15, I tremble when anyone insults a servant of the Most High.

    • When I remember Mariam the elder sister of Moses and Psalm 105:15, I tremble when anyone insults a servant of the Most High. God, please have mercy!

  2. Dencia or whatever is entitled to her opinion however she is not entitled to abuse anyone. Quite unfortunately the devil she mentioned can not punish the disciple of God but rather he flees from them. She likes devil so maybe her pronouncements are for her. Establishments ask for donations here and there and mind you donations are voluntary not coerced. So take your cries to the devil that you like so much.

  3. Not even sure EA would say such. Let dementia or what do you call her tread softly. The ministry of Adeboye is a global blessing. #iamawitness#

  4. Our religious bodies inhabitate corruption. Let’s face d fact, it’s ridiculous!

    A bitter truth be told, d aids of pastor are exposing him to some unwarranted and avoidable negative public comments which is not gud for d vintage position he holds. Of recent, some of d man of God public statements are being criticised. E.g
    his remark on Gov. Fayose and his response to one Daddy Freeze (or whatever his name is). I think his aids needs to save him ds.

  5. This lady is crossing the line, I hope those who know her will quickly take her to Yaba left if she needs some care, Adeboye is not an ordinary man of God so she needs to be careful if she wants to live long because Adeboye’s pronouncement will never fall on the ground without achieving its purpose, Dencia or whatever she calls herself should go and read the story of what ends the life of the Atheist lady that stops morning prayers on the School assembly in the United States, I hope Dencia and Daddy Freeze will take caution and put a stop to this perilous journey they’re embarking upon, Pastor E.A Adeboye is not like other Pastors and it is dangerous to mess with such an anointed of the Lord.

  6. The myriad of African religious slaves and bigots are really not disappointing the way they are ridiculously defending the discreet 1b Naira fraudulent cajoling

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