Nigerian lady gets brand new car less than a week after she gave her old car to her church (PHOTOS)

A Nigerian woman on Facebook named Esther Ogubio has just shared a testimony of how she got a brand new car barely 7-days after she gave out her former car in church.

Nigerian woman gets brand new car less than a week after she gave her old car to her church (photos)

Nigerian woman gets brand new car less than a week after she gave her old car to her church (photos)

She wrote, ‘my lovely friends and families, please join me thank this faithful God that never fails, just on Sunday on our harvest thanksgiving God told me to sow my car as my thanksgiving seed, and it is not even up to 7 days, one of my lovely daughter in the lord came back from US and she said God told her: mummy I should change your car. I really want to thank my lovely daughter that did this, and my great apostle David Obuks, that came to bless me and my church. thank you Jesus for all your goodness’.



  1. This is absolute junk journalism. Now what do you people want the society to deduce from this? What message are you disseminating? To start giving offerings to the churches instead of you promoting giving to the needy like the orphanage homes, the IDPs, the hungry ones. You are here reporting that someone sowed her car and got another one in a week. You people are part of the problem in that Country instead of being part of the solution. Look, i have someone close to me who did similar thing since about 9years ago by sowing the car her husband bought for her and she’s still riding on Okada and Marwa till date, she didn’t get anything in return. So please stop all these negative reports that will be making us further underdevelop, instead of encouraging people that wealth comes from hard work but you prefer to promote all these Pastors/Businessmen that it’s not by hard work but by grace and that is the consequences we are facing today in that Country and sadly we have exported that false indoctrination to other African Countries. If you people do not have any reasonable news to report, i think it’s high time i unsubscribe your news letter

    • You are absolutely correct Toyin, it’s high time we stop deceiving ourselves with all these church and giving stories. Hard work is the key but instead, instant miracle is the order of the day.
      May God help us….

    • What news do you want to hear that 50 people died when a petrol
      Tanker fell off the bridge. Evil news. This is good news to those of us who believed. In fact I got two jeeps in 5days when I sow my only 500,000 naira instead of buying a car offered to me for 1Million Naira, some of us who read the news like you do are glad to hear of such testimonies. You can pull out from the app and 1Million more people will come in. Miracles are real and our God can be trusted, join us and see that the lord is good.

  2. I disagree with Toyin and Joseph on this, I see it as an attempt to balance the one-sided journalism against the church. I bet you guys wouldn’t see it as junk journalism if it carries a news of misdeed in the church. I believe in hardwork and the dignity of labour and integrity. I am also not allergic to the miraculous that comes from a genuine obedience to the word of God. God is real bro, else the millions of people going to church week in, week out would’ve had a second thought. Don’t be an enemy of God.

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