Atiku reveals what Obasanjo did to him for opposing tenure elongation

Atiku Abubakar, former Vice President, has admitted that he opposed moves by ex-President, Olusegun Obasanjo to “elongate the presidential tenure beyond eight years.”

Abubakar said he was, “largely frozen out in the second term of our tenure” by his former “boss” for opposing his attempt to elongate the presidential tenure.

The Waziri of Adamawa made the disclosure in an article while responding to an open letter directed to him by stand-up Comedian, Francis Agoda aka Comedian I Go Dye.

The article reads in part, “My legacy as Vice President, I would say is the banking consolidation process, for which I gave political backing for. Many big people were putting a lot of political pressure to not change the status quo, but we knew that if that consolidation was not done, Nigeria could not grow. Because of that banking consolidation, Nigerian banks don’t fail anymore the way they used to.

“I oversaw the telecoms revolution, which is why young people like you, I Go Dye, now have a flourishing career. Under our tenure, we witnessed a large repatriation of Nigerians back to Nigeria, driven by the hope of the recovering economy. It is sad that many of those young people are heading back abroad now — this is to show you that leadership matters.

“I know many of these have been forgotten because it was a long time ago, and successive administrations did not follow up on the progress we made. But that is also not to say we were blameless.

“I was largely frozen out in the second term of our tenure, and I regret that we had that disagreement with my boss. Some say I was disloyal, but I looked at the events in Zimbabwe recently, and it gives me confidence that I did the right thing fighting the attempts to elongate the presidential tenure beyond eight years. If I did not win that fight, do you think we would be having a discussion on young people getting into leadership today?”

Similarly, the former Vice President had declared that he never procured any property belonging to the Nigerian government despite been in charge of privatization while in power.



  1. Atiku, just go tell that hogwash to the marines! Which banking consolidation did you oversee? Just tell tell Nigerians how you did that. As for the GSM revolution, it started before your govt came in, so what are you talking about. Adding LYING to CORRUPTION will finish you completely, politically, so it’s in the best interest to tell Nigerians what brought about the irreconcilable differences you are having with your former boss and leave this faded “3rd term” gibberish, after all it wasn’t only you that opposed the tenure elongation agenda and if he has forgiven many others, why have you not been able to attract that to yourself from a former boss you claimed you achieved so much under his supervision. Liar!

    • Ed, you are a biased Nigerian. The Obasanjo Govt. brought GSM toNigeria and Alhaji Atiku was a crttical part of that Govt. That is the simple truth. P.S. Stop using uncouth language when you comment on national issues. Students and young minds do read these comments please.

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