(Episode 12) Monster’s Den with the Dead

(Episode 12) Monster’s Den with the Dead

The following day, Mr. Kennedy took the first Flight to Abuja. He boarded a cab and went straight to the address given to him by Donald. When he got there, he knocked on the gate of the Apartment, waited patiently to be answered.

Kome: Who is it by this time? She checked her wristwatch, it was 10:36am. Ms. Kendra didn’t tell me she was expecting anybody today. Let me go and see who it is before the person breaks down the gate. She went to the gate and shouted, who is that please.

Mr. Kennedy: It is me Ken. Please I will like to see the occupant of this building.

Kome: That voice sounds familiar. Ermm Hold on let me open the gate. She opened the gate and was surprised at the  person standing right in front of her. Kennedy! She shouted.

Mr. Kennedy: Jennifer! What are you doing here?

Kome: Kennedy, what are you doing here?

Mr. Kennedy: My family lives here and you?

Kome:  I work and live here. Wait a minute, is your wife Ms. Kendra Ogbogu?

Mr. Kennedy: Yes she is.

Kome: Ah! I am dead. You are actually the man who left his family for another woman. The Monster she married and kept in his den with the Dead. She almost lost her life.  Jesus! No, it cannot be. Why me nah! Kennedy, you have to live and not show your face here please.

Mr. Kennedy: I cannot do that. I came to see my family. I came to see my wife so that I can ask for her forgiveness and hopefully, we be a family again and here you are asking me to leave after you left me. I am sorry, it will not be possible. He entered the compound, pushing Kome aside. Where is my wife?

Kome: Your ex-wife you mean, the woman you cheated on?

Mr. Kennedy: He ignored her and asked again, where is Kendra and my kids?

Kome: She left for work and the kids went to school.

Mr. Kennedy: I will await their return then. Can I go in and wait for them?

Kome: You cannot stay here and cannot wait for them

Mr. Kennedy: Why?

Kome: I cannot be here while you and your wife make up for lost times that is, if she is willing to have you back. I am the woman you left her for. Okay! You know what, give me some time to put myself together, give me some time to think it through and maybe get my things and move out. I can’t bear to think that she was the person you divorced because she is like a sister to me. If she finds out that I am the misery woman, she will probably hate me and I will not wait for that to happen.

Mr. Kennedy: He thought about it for a few minutesOkay, I will be in Abuja for 2weeks. I believe it is enough for you’.

Kome: She nodded her head

Mr. Kennedy: He looked at her and said I am once again sorry for everything and walked away.

Kome: Hey God! Which kind wahala come be dis one na. What do I do now? So it was Mr. Kennedy all along. I have to leave here soon. If she knows that I am the mistress that caused her so much pain I will be in trouble. She said to herself and went to lock the gate.


Charles: You are too uptight Kendra. Just go out on a date with me and after that, I will let you be.

Ms. Kendra: I understand that you and my boss are very close but that does not give you the right to come to my office and start asking me out on a date. You are a good man and a charming fellow, even my boss can attest to that but I am not interested.

Charles: I understand you may have had bad relationships with men but not all men are what you think they are

Ms. Kendra: You are distracting me from my Job Charles she said and continued with what she was working on in her laptop.

Charles: For how long will you continue with this act? It’s been more than six months we have been friends, can’t you see that I mean no harm?

Ms. Kendra: Charles, It has been more than a year that I divorced my husband. What I went through in his hands and what he did to me is still fresh in my memory. I cannot have an intimate relationship with you or anyone right now. Maybe someday I will want to give it a try but not right now. I have two wonderful kids to give all my time, care and attention to and not a man.

Charles: You are a nice person. A good woman every man desires. I have watched how you dot over your little ones, how you take care of them and how you love and protect them like a mother hen. Now, who in turn will take care of you and pamper you the way you desire? You also need a man in your life whether you like it or not, this is the bitter truth. I am ready to be that man to you and I am also ready to be a figure father to your kids if you will allow it.

Ms. Kendra: Thanks but I am not interested and my kids already have a father figure.

Charles: You mean your ex-husband? He may be their father but not a good role model to them. No child will be happy seeing his father maltreat their mother or seeing their mother unhappy.

Ms. Kendra: Thanks for the offer but No. can I get back to work?

Charles: Hmm. Okay if you say so. But just because I let you off the hook doesn’t mean I will let you go. He stood up, smiled and shook his head.  ‘Sooner or later, you are going to agree in going on a date with me I promise’ he said and walked away.

Ms. Kendra: Until then she said after him and smiled to herself.

Question: Seems Kendra is liking somebody.

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