(Final Episode 15) Monster’s Den with the Dead

(Final Episode 15) Monster’s Den with the Dead

Ms Kendra: I signed the divorce papers remember, there is no us.

Mr. Kennedy: I know that you are still angry; I will keep coming back and I will keep asking for forgiveness until you open your heart to love me again.

Ms Kendra: If that is the case, good luck to that because as far as I am concerned, you cannot eat your cake and have it back. She stood up and left.

For several months, Mr. Kennedy tried all he could to get back his wife to love him the way she used to before, all to no avail. He even resulted to bringing his people to beg on his behalf but her mind was made up. Kennedy, not ready to allow the only woman whom he loved so much go away like that decided to relocate to Abuja to be close to his family. On a certain day, he got prepared to go visit Kendra and his children. When he got there, he didn’t bother to knock at the door. He just entered and was shocked seeing a full house.  Kome smiling and chatting with a strange man, Ms Kendra whispering something into the ear of a man he has never met while the kids where jumping round the house

Mr. Kennedy: I am sorry, didn’t know the house will be this full today. Andrea and Bryan quickly went to him and hugged him.

Ms Kendra: What brings you here Mr. Kennedy she asked, standing up and walking  towards him.

Mr. Kennedy: ‘I came to check up on you and the kids. Seems you guys are having a nice time and hope I am not interrupting anything’ he asked with a tinge of jealousy in his voice.

Ms Kendra: Well you did interrupt the nice moments we were all having, but since you are here, you are welcome to join us. She spread her hands.

Mr. Kennedy: I am sort of a bit uncomfortable but what is the celebration.

Ms Kendra: Errm …What is the celebration again she asked. Hold on. Kome she shouted. Please I need you here. What are we celebrating Kome?

Kome: We are celebrating my engagement to the love of my life she said looking at Kennedy and smiling as she walks towards them

Mr. Kennedy: Wow! I am happy for you Jenny he said. He was a bit relief that it wasn’t his wife who just got engaged but he was still eager to know who the man Kendra was whispering to is.

Kome: That is not all. She interrupted his thought.

Mr. Kennedy: What again?

Kome: Mr. Charles just proposed to Kendra and she said YES.

Mr. Kennedy: Whattttttt?????  he shouted, attracting the attention of her boss and Mr. Charles who were busy having a private discussion.

Ms Kendra: Not minding his outburst said, ‘hello honey, please come and meet my ex-husband, the father to my wonderful kids’ she said smiling. Mr Charles stood up where he was sitting accompanied by her boss and they both introduced themselves to Mr. Kennedy.

Charles: ‘Hello Mr. Kennedy, thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet this wonderful gorgeous wife of mine to be. I hope you will be attending our wedding soon’ he said. He brought forth his hand for a handshake but Kennedy ignored him and walked away.

Few Months later, Ms Kendra was tied in holy Matrimony to Mr. Charles with Kome as her maid of honor. They both lived together, honoring their wedding vows and raising their children together.

Kome AKA Jennifer was thankful and grateful to Ms. Kendra for the rest of her life. They did not only become best friends but they became like sisters who had each other’s back. She also got married to Kendra’s Boss few months after her wedding.

Mr. Kennedy relocated back to Warri to continue with his work and is still busy searching for the woman with whom he can love and be loved in return, after he lost his wife to Mr. Charles. But in the meantime, when he has nothing doing, he pays his children a visit and they too spend their holiday with him whenever they can.

The End!

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  1. Wen u av diamond n u go out to look for stones, dis is wt u get, u don’t knw wt I’ve got until u loose it, dis goes to everybody who has a good tin and are nt satisfied

  2. The lesson is for both husbands and wives. Some wives are the worst thing that has happened to their hudbands. Remember it was Jennifer’s extravagance that provoked Kennedy to remember how precious and different his wife was from Jennifer.

  3. Respect the woman that was there for you when you had nothing. Also be truthful cos if he was truthful to Jennifer then and she didn’t accept, he would have gone back to his wife.

  4. What a bad ending for Mr Kennedy base on his calous actitude toward his family.Learnt alot of lessons in this blog. RIDE ON ADELOVE,looking forward for another fantastic blog…

  5. Nice ending, let this teach all men n women to value what they have especially the men I still do not know what they are looking for out there when they have a diamond at home. I thank God that Kendra has found true love n happiness same goes to Jennifer. Well done Adelove crew.

    • I agree. I wish Kendra forgave her ex- husband. He came back truly repentant and sorry for his misdeeds. I’m sure he would have been a better husband and father.Let’s not be judgemental cos absolutely no one is perfect. I hope ge also gets a good woman to marry.

  6. Dis story is abt contentment, let wat. U. Av be. Enough. Dnt go nd. Look 4 sumtin u will end up regretting 4 d rest of ur life. It serve Kennedy rite. Pple dnt value wat dey av, until dey loose it

  7. almost every body here saying you can never eat your cake and still have it back, dose it mean that there is nothing like second chance again? every body deserves second chance once the person realize his mistakes and he is ready to make amends, i am not saying that what Mr Kennedy did was right but we have to remember that no body is perfect even you that is condemning him!
    Ms Kendra could have given Kennedy another opportunity at least for the sakes of their children.
    never the less, the story is quite educating and i learnt a lot of lesson from it.
    Adelove and crew you guys are simply the best.

  8. But wait oooo,all of u that are quick to condemn him ,do you know how many times God has given us chances and chances,upon chances,it is well sha,even Jesus keeps interceding on our behalves.

    • She forgave him, but they are already divorced there is no way she is going to let him back into her life, he is her past. She needs to move on, he never valued her, he told her he loved her and slept with her only to give her divorce papers the next day and would also have gone ahead to get married if the other lady hadn’t opted out.

  9. Nice story short and very direct.good for adulterous man just because he is comfortable does not mean you can treat your wife like piece of shit.

  10. Adelove hope no problem you have not post stories some days back we are really missing u guys oooooo,if there is any problem please kindly attend to it urgently

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